Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall

Fertilize your lawn in the fall! This may seem crazy because most lawn maintenance professionals will promote spring fertilization until they’re blue in the face. Yes, we understand that spring fertilization is important to any garden or lawn ready to thrive during the summer. However, even a spring lawn needs to be properly tended to in the fall for optimal health.

At Yepez Maintenance Service, we believe in fall fertilization. Even though the idea may raise some eyebrows, here are some key reasons why we stand behind our beliefs.

Should You Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall?

Of course! Just because the heat of spring and summer have moved on, doesn’t mean you get to take a break from taking care of your lawn. Remember, year-round health is the goal of any landscape. Therefore, fertilizing a lawn (especially wone with bluegrass or other cool-season seeds) during the fall gives your soil a boost during what is known as the optimum growth timeframe for a lawn.

Fertilizing Tips for Your Landscape

Even your general landscape beyond the grass needs a little fertilization. Pay attention to your beds, shrubs, and above all, the type of fertilizer that you spread during the autumn season.

Is There a Deadline?

While we don’t love to think in ultimatums with regard to your gardening, there is a deadline for fall fertilization. Our recommendation is to apply a fall lawn fertilizer at least a month before the first ground’s freeze. If you have any questions on how to determine this date, your landscaping and garden maintenance provider will be able to help you plan ahead!

Pay Attention to the Formula to Promote Growth

The nitrogen concentration of the fertilizer you use matters. You don’t want to let your lawn grow out too fast only to freeze during the winter. The goal is to promote growth, and if your lawn freezes up, then you’re stuck waiting until spring to re-seed. 

Look for a fertilizer that has a slow-release formula of 20-8-8. This will allow your lawn to repair itself after a hot summer and will get it growing again. We recommend laying down this fertilizer in September, with another application of 13-25-12 formula at the beginning of November.

Prepare Your Beds for Perennial Exits

Fall is the time to clear out your dying perennials from the spring and summer. Prepare your flower beds for future plantings while you are prepping your lawn for its fall growth. We recommend planting bulbs in the fall to further promote root growth. This will keep your soil fertile and make for a perfect place to plant flowers next spring.

No Time to Fertilize? Let Yepez Handle Your Landscape for You!

The fall can be a busy season for families. As holiday plans start to ramp up and the weather brings loved ones indoors, it makes sense that you may not find the time to fertilize your landscape this fall. If you need help fertilizing or mowing this autumn, let Yepez Maintenance Service help. Our lawn care experts have a green thumb that keeps your curb appeal thriving all year. Contact us today to find out about our services in your area.

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