Beautiful Flower Bed In Dallas Texas

No flower garden is without mistakes, even those tended by seasoned gardeners. Lessons are learned from mistakes. If you have a garden that hasn’t lived up to your expectations, read through this list and see if you can discover why it just hasn’t flourished.

Are You Planting Without a Plan?

Having a strategy for your garden is essential. A plan involves several qualities to help your garden thrive. Height, light, soil, weather conditions, bloom timing, spacing, and your own personal experience all matter in making a garden plan. If needed, your Dallas lawn care service can help you make a plan.

Layer Your Plants

One of the traits of a stunning garden is the layering of various-sized plants. Layering ensures that all the plants are seen. Remember to stake taller plants to protect the stalks.

Consider Planting Perennials

The use of annuals with perennials makes an attractive garden, but the gardener needs to keep a map of where the perennials are to ensure that the plants work well together.

Know the Sun and Soil Requirements of Your Garden

It is important to know what to plant based on the sun requirements…full sun versus partial sun or shade plants. Always know the sun requirements then plant in the appropriate place in your yard.

Some plants thrive in dry soil, others need moist or wet. Also, PH levels matter greatly. PH can be tested by your Dallas lawn service provider, local nurseries or university conservation departments. Know your plants’ needs for soil before putting them into the ground. Prepare the soil before you plant.

Understand Bloom Timing

Bloom timing will make a garden more gorgeous. Knowing when, how often, and for how long-blooming happens will allow you to plant a garden that has flowers all season long.  Remember to vary the colors to make your garden pop.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Garden

Overcrowding will make a garden look messy and affect the health of the plants. Plan your garden according to the size of the plant when full-grown. Plant tags have this information.

Keep Your Maintenance Up-To-Date

Lack of maintenance will cause some problems. Weed your garden before planting and pull them regularly. Clipping faded and wilting blooms (deadheading) keeps your garden tidy and healthy. Lack of blooms can be caused by the plants putting energy into dead blooms and seed production. Dividing perennials is important to keeping a maintained garden.

Too much or too little water can make or break a garden. Pay attention to the weather and water gauge because plants love natural rainfall. Time watering for early morning or late in the day to avoid the scorching sun. Water at the root instead of showering on top.

Avoid Mulching Mistakes

Mulching mistakes can be detrimental to your garden. A 3” layer of an organic mulch will protect roots, deter weeds and hold moisture in the soil. A 6” layer is good for insulating plants over the winter. Too much mulch can introduce disease or suffocate the plants. Too little can leave your plants exposed and dry.

Keep Your Flower Bed in Bloom With Yepez Maintenance Service

If your Dallas area flower bed and bushes needs attention from a professional landscaper or gardener, the experts at Yepez Maintenance Service can take care of your garden for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your lawn and garden needs.