Woman holding a handful of weeds from garden

Weeds can terrorize your lawn and flower beds by stealing their nutrients, and they can also make your lawn appear unkempt and messy when they start to take over. Here are some of the ways that weeds can damage your lawn and flower beds when you don’t arrange for weed control with your Dallas landscaping services team.

Weeds Take Over Your Flower Beds & Lawn

One of the reasons it’s important to receive regular flower bed maintenance and lawn mowing services is that it’s easier to keep weeds at bay with regular attention paid to your lawn. Unfortunately, weeds can spread amazingly fast, and it might take just a few weeks until your lawn is covered in weeds.

Weeds often have strong networks of roots that can cut off the supply of water to your flowers, plants, and lawn, and they can completely take over when left to their own devices. Nutrients like nitrogen and potassium come from the soil, and the weeds can steal these vital materials from your flowers and lawn.

Weeds Steal Food from Your Plants

To survive, your plants require water and sunshine, and weeds can actually steal both of these nutrients from your plants. Not only can weeds steal the water that’s meant for your thirsty flowers, plants, and shrubs, but they can also tower over your grass and flowers to block the sunshine that your plants require.

Keeping the weeds at bay with regular weed control and flower bed maintenance can help your beautiful plants and flowers thrive. Don’t risk wasting the fertilizer you use to keep your plants lush and healthy with a population of weeds that have taken over your yard.

Weeds Commonly Cause Allergies

Not everyone is allergic to weeds, but there are some weeds that can make it really tough to breathe if you’re allergic to grasses, some trees, and invasive species like ragweed. You can even suffer allergic reactions from weed pollen that comes from sagebrush, tumbleweed, or pigweed.

If you have an allergy to weeds and other plants, you’ll definitely want to set up an appointment with a company that offers lawn mowing services because a grass allergy can become rather strong if you come into contact with freshly mowed grass on a regular basis.

Some Weeds are an Infestation

Bugs aren’t the only things that can act as parasites in your lawn and flower beds. Some weeds actually latch onto existing plants and steal their nutrients, just like an insect type of parasite. Your weed control team will be able to tell if any of your plants are infested with a parasitic weed, as well as whether you have an insect problem that could cause major damage to your lawn.

Control Your Weeds Safely with Yepez Maintenance Service

Your Dallas weed control and lawn mowing services team can assist in applying the correct herbicides to the weeds in your lawn, which is the safest approach, so your family doesn’t come into contact with any of the materials used for weed control.

Are you facing a challenge with lawn weeds and invasive species crowding your flower beds? Yepez Maintenance Service will take care of your lawn and flower beds with our more than three decades of experience in providing affordable and knowledgeable lawn care services.

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