Dry leaves fallen on the lawn in the winter

A lawn worthy of a second glance doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes work, and work takes good design.  The early bird gets the worm, right? Just hope it isn’t a grub worm…. but seriously, attaining a great lawn in the spring takes careful winter planning.

A great lawn doesn’t take a ton of money or a complicated plan. There are some simple ways to plan a lawn worthy of admiration.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy During the Winter

Late fall or early winter is time to do a winter fertilizer. Follow with a light watering.  Best to do this when you have a few warm days in a row.

Continue mowing your grass up until it stops growing for winter dormancy. If you are going to be using a lawn care service, make sure to speak with your lawn care professional now to get your lawn lined up for spring.

Plan Lawn Services Ahead of Time

Planning for your lawn service is important to do in the winter months as well.  When the weather warms in the spring, you want to be prepared for the first mow by having that service scheduled.

Planning this in the winter also gives you time to check out several local lawn services and enables you to make a well thought out decision.  Here are some quick tips on finding the right lawn service for your needs.

Ask Lots of Questions

Our first recommendation is to ask your local lawn care provider plenty of questions about their business.

What are their services? Are they licensed? Are their practices all natural? How often can they tend your lawn?

These are just a few of the questions you might ask to find out if a provider is right for you.

They will help you find the right price and provider for your needs. Cheapest is not always your best bet; be sure they meet your needs and budget.

Some other qualities to look for in a lawn care provider include:

  • Being sure they do all the things you don’t do yourself. This can be fertilizing, aerating, seeding, etc.
  • Checking out their reputation. You can ask for referrals, read reviews on internet services and BBB.
  • Finding out if their customer service reliable? You want to know that if you make a phone call, you will get a call back.

Careful winter planning for your lawn care schedule will pay off in green when the lawn showcase months of spring and summer are here.

Plan the Perfect Spring Lawn with Yepez Lawn Maintenance Service

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