Texas Landscaping Ideas

With the longer, warmer days, many homeowners decide to take a look at their home’s landscaping only to realize that the lawn is due for some updates. New trees, different types of bushes, or even a whole new blanket of grass could offer the home a beautiful, spring update.

Here are some landscaping ideas to consider as you plan your updates this year.

Make Money With Your Landscaping

One facet of landscaping design that you may want to consider is how your lawn improvements will impact the value of your home when you sell it. An article from Investopedia suggests spending around 10 percent of your home’s value on the landscaping design.

“You can either do softscape renovations like the installation of plants, shrubs and trees, or more hardscape renovations.”

If you choose hardscape renovations, those choices may include extras beyond the greenery like lighting, pathways, decks, a fence, or a feature like a fire pit.

Investopedia also suggests working with a landscaping professional to ensure you don’t go over your budget and that the result is finalized without requiring weeks of extra work.

Add Trees to Your Home

If you plan to live in your home for many years, you may want to consider planting some trees that your family will get to enjoy as they grow large and provide shade. According to Fannin Tree Farm, here are the best trees to plant around your Texas home.

  1. Live Oak
  2. Bur Oak
  3. Cedar Elm
  4. Bald Cypress
  5. Magnolia

Remember: Place your trees carefully, and consider their eventual size. Don’t plant them too close to the house and risk damage from a massive storm or the infiltration of roots into your plumbing system.

Mix it Up with Curved Lines

A straight, clean line of grass that follows your driveway probably looks neat and orderly, but have you considered adding curved edging to your flower beds or other features around your house?

Popular Mechanics explains:

“Landscapers often add edging around flower gardens, the house foundation, and sometimes sidewalks and driveways. Installing the edging in curves rather than perfectly straight lines adds appeal and character.”

Your curved flower beds and landscaping features might sit right along the foundation of your home, or you might place them closer to the street as an eye-catching feature of your front lawn.

Tip: Don’t forget the backyard! Homeowners often focus on the front lawn as the primary area for decor, but some plants and bushes in the backyard can add a beautiful, cozy feel to your Texas home this spring.

Add an “Easy Button” to Your Lawn with Mulch

One of the biggest annoyances for the average homeowner is keeping the flower beds and pathways clear of weeds. You can bend down and yank them from your yard every week, or you can try adding the super-easy solution: mulch.

House Logic reveals:

“Mulch is one of the easiest ways to add both color and texture to the entire yard.”

A bed of mulch is ideal for surrounding trees and creating a textured yet manicured look for your lawn. If you want a feature that’s low maintenance, you couldn’t do better than a bed of much, which House Logic suggests you can “dump it, spread it, and forget it.”

Brighten Your Landscaping Today with Yepez

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