Weed Control Yepez

Striving to maintain a beautiful lawn year-in and year-out, is very challenging in Dallas. Weed control is a constant struggle in North Texas. These pesky plants like to sprout up and take control over your entire yard if you don’t get them under control.

At Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services, we believe that weed control is vital to maintaining a well-kept lawn. Here are some effective methods for managing invasive weeds in your lawn.

Preventative Weed Control

Excellent weed management strategy can be seen from farms to residential yards. One tried and true way of ensuring that weeds won’t pop up in your lawn is to practice preventative weed control.

Preventative weed control is defined as any control method that has the goal of preventing weeds in an established crop, pasture, or yard.

Common methods for preventing weeds in your lawn include:

  • Utilizing weed-free seed on your lawn
  • Making sure that any plant that you add to your yard is already weed-free
  • Making sure that all of your gardening equipment is cleaned when working from one location to another

Cultural Weed Control Methods

Cultural weed control involves any technique that has to do with weed control in a yard that already has weeds in it. The goal of cultural control is to suppress weed growth by reducing access to sunlight, nutrients, and moisture.

Some ways to utilize a cultural method of weed control include:

  • Using fertilizers to encourage rapid growth of your desired foliage
  • Increase your seeding and reduce the row spacing in your yard when seeding
  • Use high-quality seeds that will produce competitive plants
  • Make sure that all of your plants are planted in the most optimal locations

By practicing cultural weed control, you are making it more difficult for weeds to adapt to the weed management techniques that you are using.

Chemical Weed Control

The most common form of eliminating weeds in Dallas is through the method of using chemicals. While many people view herbicides as chemicals that do more harm than good to a yard, it is wise to remember that most of these chemicals are not formed through the idea of toxic runoff.

Some natural herbicides include:

  • Organic soaps
  • Household products
  • Vinegar

However, if you do decide that you want a chemical solution that will take care of your weeds at the source, your best decision would be to contact your local Dallas weed control specialist. Their expertise and experience will be able to help you make the most informed decision on how to chemically treat your lawn without damaging it.

Keep the Weeds Out of Your Yard with Yepez Lawn Services

If you are having problems with weeds in your yard and can’t seem to find the means to shake them off, get in touch with Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services today. As the leading lawn service in Dallas, we’re more than happy to help you get your weed problem under control.