Fresh green grass growing in the meadow with drops of morning dew in the sun light

Summer lawn watering has been a long-debated topic amongst landscapers and homeowners that want healthy grass. No one wants to be wasteful with their water in Texas, but everyone wants to make sure that their grass is sufficiently watered.

Dallas landscaping professionals know how to keep your lawn in great shape through the right practices. Here are some of our simple tips for estimating how long you need to water your lawn in the summer.

Why is Too Much Water Bad During the Summer?

Texas can bring in some very hot summers, so you should be prepared to give a healthy amount of water to your lawn at least three times a week. While it may seem like an oversaturation of water is a good way to allow water to soak in and fortify your lawn, the truth is, too much water will kill it.

Although moist soil is essential for providing the nutrients your lawn needs, watering your yard too much can lead to grass disease and suffocation that leaves you with a dead lawn.

When is Enough Water?

You’d never think that watering your lawn was something that would have to be approached scientifically. However, it’s always best to know when your grass has been watered enough.

Here are three of our favorite, and reliable ways you can estimate how much water your grass needs during a Texas summer.

Invest in a Flow Timer

This method takes a little money and a little math, but it’s one of the most accurate ways you can ensure that your lawn is getting sufficient water. First, you’ll need to calculate your lawn’s square footage. From there, multiply the square footage by 0.62. This will give you the number of gallons your lawn actually needs to survive.

Once you know how many gallons of water your lawn needs, purchase a flow timer that measures the water flow by the gallon. Combining this tool and your calculations will give your grass the perfect amount of water without the risk of being wasteful.

Tuna Can Measurements

When running your sprinklers, make sure you get the timing right. One of the easiest ways to do so without much math is to use washed tuna cans. Strategically place your cans throughout the lawn, set a timer, and let your sprinklers flow. Once you’ve found that the cans have accumulated 1 to 1.5 inches of water, stop your timer and turn off your water.

Congratulations, you’ve officially measured the perfect amount of time for watering your lawn.

The Screwdriver Soil Test

As you water your lawn, use a screwdriver to test the soil every 15 minutes. Simply dip the tip of your screwdriver into the soil and examine the moist soil upon removal. Once the soil reaches six inches up your screwdriver, your lawn has been watered for the right amount of time.

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