Mulching Leaves on Commercial Landscaping

Commercial businesses in Dallas tend to reside in landscaping surrounded by trees that shade the property during warm summers. Sure, these natural beauties provide your commercial landscaping with some comfort, but what happens when the leaves eventually fall.

Most business owners would say rake them up and dump them out. However, at Yepez Maintenance Service, we believe that creating mulch from the mess is an even better solution. Here are some of our tips for mulching your dead leaves and why you should do it.

Mulching Makes your Lawn Happy!

Every lawn care professional knows that there are several benefits to mulching leaves. The biggest one being, that your lawn thrives from a fresh mulch. The key benefits of mulching include:

  • Added curb appeal
  • Protection against the elements
  • Moisture conservation
  • Improved soil

The best part about mulching is that you can essentially create it with the leaves and “waste” created naturally and through lawn care services.

Leaving Your Leaves Leads to Landscaping Problems

The decision to let resting leaves lie is one that can create lawn issues once the numbers start stacking up. Although a few leaves scattered around your building won’t be a problem, neglected leaves will prevent your grass from getting the sunlight it needs.

Accumulated leaf piles also create a moist and moldy environment that could promote disease on your lawn, creating permanent bald and discolored patches.

Leaves can even end up costing your business money beyond lawn replacement. Unremoved leaves can easily lodge in your building’s gutters and either freeze over or build up water that begins to slowly damage your location’s roof.

Invest in a Mulching Mower

If you want to make your mulching efforts efficient, investment in a mulching mower can help. These pieces of equipment are designed with a high deck and ensure that the blade cuts up leaves and grass into small pieces. In order to have an instant mulching effect, use your mulching mower without a collection bag and simply spread the nutrients as they are made.

Yepez Maintenance Service Turns Your Leaves into a Curb Appeal Boost!

As a business owner, you may not have the time nor the desire to mulch your lawn on your own. Your local landscaping professional most likely has the necessary equipment to properly mulch your dead leaves.

If your landscaping needs to step up its appeal, Yepez Maintenance Service can help! Our team of lawn care professionals can use our services to make your commercial landscaping the talk of the town. Contact us today to find out more about our current schedule and services provided in your area.