Summer Landscaping Checklist

Summer is almost here, and it is time to think about how to keep your lawn looking its best. Lawn care during the summer is essential because the heat can cause extensive damage to your lawn. Summer events and having the kids home playing out in the yard can also cause your lawn to suffer if it is not cared for properly.

The good news is that you can easily keep your lawn looking great with the use of a professional lawn care service and by using these six tips.

1. Water Your Lawn The Right Way

You should set your sprinkler systems to water your grass thoroughly twice a week. Set the water amount to about one and a half inches of water. This will give your grass a good soaking and allow the roots to really absorb the water.

Make sure to water your lawn early in the morning. This will prevent water from evaporating in the heat and will give your grass all day to dry.

2. Aerate Your Lawn

Most Dallas lawn care services can easily aerate your lawn. The roots of your grass need oxygen to grow. By strategically placing small holes in your lawn, you are allowing oxygen to get deep into the root systems. This is something that should be done about once a month.

3. Dethatch Your Lawn

Grass clippings can become impacted at the base of your grass blades. While some of this converts to fertilizer for your lawn, too much can become a hindrance to growth. Removing all of the extra thatch can improve lawn health and prevent pests and diseases from affecting your lawn.

4. Cut Your Grass A Little Longer

Lawn mowing services can adjust the height of their equipment to cut lawns shorter or taller. During the heat of summer, you should opt for higher grass. Longer grass will help shade the root system and protect it from heat damage.

Longer grass will also help keep the moisture in the ground longer, ensuring that your grass does not dry out from the roots up.

5. Fertilize Your Lawn

Your lawn needs to be fed just like any other plants that you may grow. Make sure to use a low nitrogen fertilizer during the summer to help feed your lawn without overstimulating growth. Your lawn service can make recommendations on the right fertilizer to use. Fertilizing only needs to take place about every six weeks during summer.

6. Take Care Of Your Other Landscaping

Flower bed and bush maintenance is a crucial part of lawn care. When you are taking care of these areas in addition to your lawn, you are ensuring that your entire landscaping stays healthy.
Meet Your Summer Landscaping Goals With Yepez Maintenance Services

Having a great lawn is something that everyone wants. A green lawn makes your home look nicer and is excellent for your children to play on. You can easily have a greener and healthier lawn by applying these six tips to your lawn and working with Yepez Maintenance Services.

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