Grass Burrs

Living in Texas, you already know that the seasonal changes often bring about hordes of tiny land mines across your lawn. Grass burrs are a landscaping nightmare that most homeowners forget about until they rear their thorny heads during the summer and fall seasons.

Stick it to Grass Burrs With These Landscaping Tricks!

While most people believe that grass burrs are impossible to get rid of, the truth is, with the right landscaping techniques and tools your lawn can easily say goodbye to these literal pains! Try out some of these tricks to put an end to your lawn’s burrs.

Keep Your Lawn Thriving

Everyone knows that watering your lawn is part of the general yard work that keeps it lush and green. However, what most people don’t know is that continuous and generous watering is essential to get rid of grass burrs.

Happy lawns aren’t places burrs like to hang around. If competition is thriving around them, they have a harder time spreading their seed. Therefore, creating a watering schedule for each season of the year is a great plan for keeping your landscaping free of invasion.

Handle Burrs With Weed Control

Burrs ultimately stem from weeds. So, weed control is one of the easiest ways to take charge of your landscape. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through herbicides like MSMA and Orange Oil. 

Not all homeowners like the idea of using chemicals on their lawn. While using a trusty weeder, it may be more physical labor, but it is another way of taking care of your burrs before they get out of control. 

Make Sure Your Mower is Bagged

Burrs take over your lawn when their seeds are spread. One of the easiest ways to make this mistake is through improper lawn mowing practices. In order to prevent the spread of grass burrs or other weed seeds that could infect your lawn, make sure your mower is properly bagged to collect your yard’s undesirables. Without a bag to catch debris, you are literally leaving your lawn open for weeds and lawn disease.

Cut Off Their Food Source

Burrs rest on the tips of the weeds they stem from. While waiting on further weeding from your lawn care provider, you may want to take away their food source by snipping off the tips of these plants. This is a time-consuming method but is one that will help you start winning the war with your weeds.

Keep Your Lawn Burr-Free with Yepez 

Burrs can be tough to handle, but with Yepez Maintenance Service on your side, your lawn can be pain-free for the remainder of the year. If you’re ready for a landscaping touch that is both affordable and reliable, contact us today to get a quote!