Signs That It Is Time to Cut Down Your Tree

Having a large tree in your hard is something that many homeowners look for in a home. After all, they provide ample shade and can make your yard look warm and inviting.

On the contrary, though a badly damaged tree can be costly and is usually downright ugly. So, when your tree is no longer flourishing, it is best to just let it go.

Do you need some help determining when it’s time to have a professional lawn service company come in and cut down your tree?

Here are some easy ways to know.

If Your Tree Has…

A Side that is Noticeably Dead

If you have a tree in your yard that has dead leaves or dead branches on one side, chances are there’s an issue. These issues could range from common tree problems like root or trunk damage or even weather-related damage like being struck by lightning. Sure, you can have the tree trimmed to get rid of the damaged side, however, it will be very unsightly.  In these circumstances, it might be in your best interest to get rid of the tree altogether.

Trunk Damage

Trunk damage is something that may not be as obvious to a person who is not well-versed in botany. However, if you notice that your tree is no longer growing, it is a good idea to check the tree’s trunk. Look for cracks and seams that run vertically, dead stubs, or large and unusual wounds. All of these are tell-tale signs that your tree may have trunk damage and internal decay. If the damage is more than 25 percent of the circumference of your tree, there is a huge possibility it will not heal and should be removed.

A Fungus

Fungus is usually bad and something no one wants to deal with regardless if it is indoors or outdoors. So, when you see fungi around the tree in your yard, understand that it is not good. In fact, a fungus around your tree is usually directly related to internal rot or root rot. Root rot is a nasty disease that affects the internal composition of your tree and is irreversible thus leaving you with a tree that should be removed.

Power Lines Around It

Power lines and trees just don’t agree. If you have a tree that is near power lines, it is best that you keep them around 25’ in height and thinned out near the top. Failure to do so can result in several issues like property damage, harm to an individual, or permanent damage to your tree. If the tree in your yard is nearing power lines, have a professional tree trimmer either trim it or cut it down completely for you and your family’s safety.


While trees can survive for years with a hollowed trunk, eventually they will become dangerous. Tree trunks that have succumbed to a hollow trunk are usually hollowed because the inner tissues of the tree are rotten. Hollowed trees can easily fall when heavy winds or storms come through, so it is a good idea to remove this type of tree ASAP.

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