Lawn Mower on Grass

Dull Lawn Mower Blades Ruin Grass

Here in Dallas, TX the most common types of grass are Bermudagrass of Buffalograss.  Dull lawn mower blades can lead to trouble as you try to manage your lawn care. Keeping lawn mower blades sharp is the best way to keep your Bermudagrass looking great with fewer hassles. However, the struggle of trying to keep blades sharp and clean stops many people from maintaining healthy, lush lawns that can stand up to the Texas heat. Take a look at the top reasons to keep your lawn mower blades sharp.

Dry Brown GrassDull Blades Create Brown Grass

The most important reason for keeping mower blades sharp is that dull blades create ragged cuts that sever the tops of your grass blades instead of creating a clean, even cut. These rougher cuts create openings in the blades, allowing moisture to seep. This is the last thing you want in the hot Texas sun! A combination of heat and dryness can increase the chances for lawns to turn brown and dry after becoming dehydrated.

Fungal Disease from Jagged Cuts

The same jagged cuts that allow moisture to seep out of grass blades also allow disease to seep into grass blades. This is how you get a lawn that’s infected by a fungal disease. It can be very hard to repair the issue once you have a blighted lawn due to disease. Even lawns that don’t get overtaken by diseases can still suffer. The jagged cuts created by dull blades simply leave grass more vulnerable to damage from heat, dryness, and pests.

Lawn Mower Problems

Not just your lawn becomes compromised when you have dull mower blades. Your mower has to work harder to push through grass when the blades are dull. That means that the task of mowing becomes more grueling for the person doing the work. It also means that the mower endures unnecessary strain that will almost certainly shorten its lifespan. Mowing with dull blades puts you on the fast track to paying for repairs or replacements much sooner than would normally be necessary. With dull blades, you’ll also waste gas by making your mower less efficient.

How Often Should you Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

Always defer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your particular mower model. Generally, most blades should be sharpened after 25 hours of usage. That usually means at least twice per season for a person with an average-sized lawn.

Looking for Professional Lawn Mowing in Dallas?

One way to skip the hassle of trying to keep your mower blades sharp is to simply hire lawn care experts to maintain your lawn for you. 

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