Lawn Care Weed Insect Control

Weeds and insects are nuisances that can destroy the beauty of your landscape. They can cause costly damage to your property as well. The best defense against unwanted plant growth and insects is regularly scheduled yard maintenance services from qualified professionals that offer services in tree trimming, weed control, and insect control. Through routine maintenance, your lawn care professional can help keep your yard both weed and insect free.

Insect Control Prevents Lawn Diseases

patchy lawn that has been affected by insects or fungusHow do you know if your lawn is falling victim to insects and other pests? Bare spots or irregular patches of yellow or brown grass can indicate the presence of insects or fungal diseases that require immediate attention from a knowledgeable professional. When your lawn has been exposed to insects for a lengthy amount of time, the diseases spread by insects can quickly lead to having to re-turf your entire yard. Therefore, taking care of the problem once the signs become apparent is key.

While most homeowners think that any DIY insecticide job will work, they could actually be doing more damage to their lawn. Every lawn is unique, and selecting the correct insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide to resolve the problem takes experience and expertise. The professionals at Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services have the skills, products, and equipment to make short work of lawn insects while maintaining the integrity and beauty of your landscaping.

Lawn Weed Control is a Key Service

spraying weeds for optimal weed controlWeeds aren’t just unsightly additions to your lawn and garden. They steal vital nutrients from the plants you want to grow as well. Routine trimming, regular pruning, and removing unwanted vegetation as soon as it appears is the best way to keep your landscape free of weeds. However, most homeowners find it challenging to fit time into their busy schedules for these labor-intensive chores, so they resort to herbicides that kill off much more than the initial weeds.  Using incompatible weed killers can result in a “brown lawn.” This is a grass and garden issue that is generally very difficult to bounce back from.

At Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services, our garden weed control services help keep flower beds alive and healthy.  We want you to be proud of your yard every season of the year.

Yepez Lawn Service Keeps Your Garden Healthy Year-Round

Whether you want to protect your landscape against future problems or you need immediate help with an insect infestation, you can rely on Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services for expert weed and insect control solutions. Our goal is to keep your landscape picture-perfect year-round.

For your convenience, plant pest control and weeding services are included with our premium lawn maintenance service plans. If you are tired of dealing with weeds in your garden or if you need to rid your lawn, trees, or flower beds of an insect infestation, don’t wait until the problem worsens, contact Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services!