Lawn Mowing & Edging

Yard mowing and garden edging can overhaul a property’s curb appeal. The knowledgeable technicians at Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services use professional-grade equipment to give customers a perfectly manicured lawn. Yepez Maintenance is a leader in quality edging and lawn mowing services in Dallas area.

Lawn Mowing Service Cost and Schedule

Our prices depend on factors such as the size of the yard and the frequency the yard is mowed.

Standard Weekly Lawn Mowing Service Schedule Consists Of:

  • One mowing in February
  • One mowing in early March
  • Once per week grass mowing from the middle of March to October
  • Bi-monthly mowing in November

We also have an alternative bi-monthly mowing schedule available throughout the mowing season. Although a bi-monthly schedule is about one-third less than the standard weekly schedule, the grass may appear sparser and thinner than grass cut on a weekly basis. A lawn that is mowed more than twice per month produces more side shoots on each grass blade and a greater number of blades per square inch of lawn. In turn, the entire lawn has that coveted plush appearance.

During an Edging and Lawn Mowing Service Appointment, We Will:

  • Mow the lawn in varying patterns to maintain healthy grassroots and prevent ruts
  • Edge the pavement and garden beds
  • Blow debris off the patio, driveway, and other areas
  • Remove grass clippings from flower beds

Meticulous Grass Mowing Guidelines

Our lawn care technicians care about not only the appearance of their customers’ landscape but also the health of our customers’ yards. Our attention to detail is why they only use the highest caliber of lawn equipment. Each mower is fitted with the newest deck design, which prevents yard scalping or exposure of grass blade stems. All their mowers are regularly maintained, and the mowers’ blades are frequently sharpened.

Depending on the time of year, the grass is usually cut anywhere from two and three-fourths inches to three inches. During the summer, the grass is cut to about three inches in order to shade the grass’ roots, and in order to prepare for the cold season, the grass is cut shorter at the end of autumn to prevent grass-root damage.

Landscape Edging

A properly edged lawn makes a yard look pristine. At Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services, customers have the choice between weekly or bi-weekly lawn edging. Our lawn care technicians prefer to use power edgers. These edges not only give a clean-cut but also raise the thatch.

The small, rapidly spinning blade on a power edger digs a narrow trench between the grass and pavement. This small trench creates a precise boundary on the edge of the yard while simultaneously raising the lawn bed.

Just as we do with our mowers, we invest our time and our time and profits into keeping their edging equipment running smoothly. Customers never have to worry about ragged cuts due to the shredding caused by dull blades. Blades are consistently sharpened throughout each week. We use special disks on their string trimmers, which keep the edges of flower beds and paved surfaces looking tidy all year round.

Contact the lawn care technicians at Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services now to get a free quote and have the manicured lawn and garden you’ve always wanted.