Bush Tree Hedge Trimming

Maintaining the outdoor environment of your home or business in Dallas is just as important as maintaining the indoor space. During the peak, growing season, and the off-peak winter months, caring for the trees, shrubs, and bushes in your yard is key to having a well-manicured, flourishing lawn. As your Dallas lawn maintenance and landscape design company, Yepez Maintenance Service not only provides basic lawn services but also provide hedge trimming and tree services.

Professional Hedge and Tree Trimming

As young and aged shrubs and trees grow, they do not grow perfectly even; many stems and branches on these types of plant life grow in different directions at different rates. At your home or business during the peak growing season, you’ll notice the branches of your trees extending too close to the dwelling, too far over walkways or driveways, or even too close to power lines; at this point, your property needs a skilled team that has the proper tools and safety equipment to get up high for the tree trimming on your property. When you have a professional landscape design or even a pattern or set of shrubs and bushes, the Dallas landscape experts at Yepez Maintenance Service have the experience and skill to maintain the artistic shape of the different hedges on your property.

Professional Shrub and Tree Planting Services

Whether you’re looking to plant one or two new trees on your property in Dallas or twenty new shrubs and trees, Yepez Maintenance Service can handle the project from start to finish. Our landscaping crews are professionals at lawn care, and they have the knowledge to help you choose the best types of shrubs, bushes, and trees to plant at your home or business. Once you have chosen the trees and shrubs, they will deliver, plant, and secure them for proper growth. Our team will also go over the watering and feeding needs of your new landscape plants and trees so that you can maintain and care for them properly to promote healthy growth between our scheduled lawn service visits.

No matter the need for care and maintenance for your home or business’ shrubs, bushes, and trees, Yepez Maintenance Service is staffed with experts that know how to tend to your property’s plant life. Even if your property has an aged tree that couldn’t survive a storm or wasn’t properly cared for, we also have the skills and equipment to trim the tree down completely and perform a stump removal. For trimming, planting, stump removal, or any other tree services in Dallas and surrounding areas, contact Yepez Maintenance Service today and schedule a consultation or simply request a free quote