general yard work
General yard work can transform the exterior of a home. At Yepez Maintenance Service, customers can depend on the company’s 25+ years of experience in residential and commercial yard maintenance. From leaf removal to lawn aeration and fertilization, Yepez Maintenance Service is committed to excellent lawn care in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

For a Dallas lawn to look its best, it needs maintenance throughout the year.


  • Annual trimming of shrubs and bushes
  • Dethatching and fertilizing any sized yard
  • Removing dead plants and leaves from the yard and any garden beds


  • Fertilizing grass
  • Irrigating gardens and lawns 1-2 times per week


  • Applying mulch to plant and garden beds
  • Fertilizing the grass if it has not been done during the summer
  • Laying mulch
  • Raking fallen leaves
  • Removing leaves


  • Applying weed treatment to lawns
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Removing fallen branches and leaves

At Yepez Maintenance, customers can count on our knowledge, experience, and quality Dallas lawn services. We maintain our equipment the same way we maintain our customers’ yards – meticulously. From trimming shrubs to laying mulch, Yepez Maintenance Service is the dependable choice for all types of yard work.

Regular Lawn Watering to Maintain Optimal Curb Appeal

Yepez Maintenance Service can create a lawn care schedule that works with a customer’s mowing day and local watering regulations. Typically, a yard should be watered three times per week for approximately 20 minutes each time, depending on the type of watering method and equipment. One of the skilled technicians at Yepez Maintenance Service can determine what watering technique is best for your property.

Dallas Leaf Removal Service

Although leaves fall during all seasons of the year, trees lose most of their leaves during autumn, specifically near the onslaught of winter. Raking leaves out of the grass and garden beds keeps yards in tip-top shape for spring. After one of our professional technicians rakes the leaves, he will bag them for disposal. While not necessary, this service is usually paired with mowing the grass. The average yard only needs to be raked 1-2 each month during autumn.

Yard Dethatching to Beautify Your Property

Dethatching, also called power raking, removes accumulated dead and decomposing grass, known as thatch. Although a little bit of thatch enhances the health of grass and retains moisture needed for proper growth, too much thatch negatively affects fertilizing, pest control, and watering efforts. Yepez Maintenance Service recommends dethatching a minimum of one time per year in order to bring the lawn’s vibrancy back after the harsh winter temperatures subside.

Lawn Aeration in Dallas

Lawn aeration is a process that involves the use of a core aerator to punch small holes in the soil, allowing nutrients, water, and air to seep through to the roots of the grass. By alleviating soil compaction, the roots of the grass can grow, increasing the lawn’s strength. A properly aerated lawn:

  • Breaks up thick layers of thatch
  • Encourages efficient fertilizing and watering
  • Enriches the surface of the soil
  • Reduces water run-off

There are other important reasons to aerate a lawn besides promoting root growth. Lawn aeration is recommended when turf is too thin due to habitual driving or heavy use, if the yard is composed of heavy clay soil or if the yard is covered in a layer of thatch that measures more than one-half inch. A yard should be aerated at least one time every year.

Contact the professionals today for a free consultation and get ready to enjoy the perfectly manicured lawn you’ve always wanted. Your property is in good hands with general yard work from Yepez Maintenance Service.