Spring lawn care tips

The warmer temperatures of spring usually make people pretty happy, especially those who enjoy working in their yards and gardens.  Springtime is a busy time for landscaping. A well-planned, well-managed lawn and landscape will be healthy and admirable. Here are a few tips for spring landscaping.

Inspect Your Yard

Early spring is the perfect time to inspect your trees and shrubs, looking for damaged branches and limbs as well as disease.  Call a local Dallas lawn service professional if you notice disease to get advice or treatment for your plant life. Prune shrubs and trees before they begin to bloom. Most landscaping plant life will benefit from a slow-release fertilizer.  Do this before you lay compost or mulch. It also is a good time to replace any plants or shrubs that have died over the winter months.  Be sure that there will be no more frost before planting anything with leaves or blooms.

While you are inspecting your landscaping, keep an eye out for those insects that can and will damage your plant life. Spring not only brings out the blooms, but in North Texas, it also brings out aphids, spider mites, and those disgusting bagworms.  When it comes to insects, you must be proactive when you see any sign of them but be cautious to use sprays that are plant safe.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You probably should fertilize your lawn in spring. You must know the variety of grass you are growing; fertilize if your variety of grass calls for it. Most warm-weather grasses, like Bermuda grass, need an average temperature of around 60 degrees to fertilize. It is a good idea to have your soil tested to see what nutrients it needs for fertilization. Your Dallas lawn and landscape professional or your local university’s agricultural department can do this for you.

Remove Debris & Leaves

Early spring is the time to spruce up any planting beds and landscape areas by raking away debris and old leaves.  Clean up borders and replace any landscaping edging. It is the perfect time to add mulch to these areas. When mulching, do not let the mulch depth be more than 3”, and do not allow the mulch to touch tree trunks or the trunks of shrubs.

Plan Your Landscaping

If you would like to begin a new landscape area, spring is the ideal time to get started.  Be it an area meant for flowers, shrubs or vegetables, you will need to work up the soil or use a tiller. Plan your landscaping area according to your growing area, picking plants based on the sunlight they will be exposed to and the amount of water they will receive. North Texas is Zone III gardening zone and an 8a Hardiness Zone, so pick and plant appropriately. Pay close attention to proper spacing and growing heights to ensure an attractive and healthy garden area.

Repair or Install an Irrigation System

Do you have an irrigation system? Once you know that the cold season and frosts are over, it is time to inspect your irrigation system. Many people choose to use a professional for this part of spring landscaping, but if you don’t, there are some things to remember. You must first check the ground to ensure that winter is indeed over; there shouldn’t be any frozen soil.  Then de-winterize your system. Clean some or all sprinkler heads as needed. As you go through your turn-on process, check your irrigation zones.  Make adjustments and repairs as necessary to ensure that all your lawn and landscape areas will get the water they need.

Springtime comes with a bit of work in your landscaping areas, but the work always pays off in the end.  The greenery and blooms of a warm Dallas spring are the rewards for all your hard work.

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