mulch vs rock landscaping

Mulch vs rock mulch; what is the best material to cover your garden bed? Texas landscaping comes in many different forms and styles. However, no matter the style that you choose to follow for your flower beds and lawn, there needs to be a solid foundation at its core.  This is the choice made between mulch and rock usage in bed landscaping. When making any decision for your lush yard, the Dallas lawn professionals at Yepez recommend doing your due diligence and weighing the pros and cons.

What are the Benefits of Mulch?

Red MulchMulch (or bark mulch) is one of the most common aspects of landscaping and garden bed maintenance. Using mulch with this option provides several benefits to your flower bed and budding trees, while also providing some visual comfort with the different colors that it can add to your presentation.

The different colors that this type of mulch comes in a range of:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red

Not only does this option offer choice based solely on appearance, but it is also a very affordable one. It is inexpensive to pick up at a local gardening store and is also easy to install on your own. The simplicity of installation of mulch is also what makes it affordable should you need your bed maintenance professional to install your mulch for you.

Other benefits of mulch for your landscaping include:

  • Organic mulch retains more water per square foot than soil.
  • Mulch adds nutrients to your soil.
  • And it results in fewer weeds sprouting on your bed or lawn.

What are the Benefits of Rock Mulch in Landscaping?

rock landscapingRocks are best used around buildings and fire pits in the landscaping process. This is more of a decorative option than one that provides nutrients for your thriving plants. Rocks are a great option if you are planting trees or shrubs that you know will be long-lasting ting for years to come. One of the key benefits of using rock mulch is that you aren’t limited to the different types of rock that you can use on your landscaping.

Some popular rock mulch preferences are:

  • Quartz,
  • Granite,
  • Lava,
  • River rock,
  • And Pea gravel.

This type of mulch is also available in sizes that will fit your preference. Another main benefit to this option is that once you place it, you really never have to worry about it again, and your lawn becomes more pet-friendly.

Landscaping Negatives for Mulch and Rock

Cons of Using Rock Mulch

While both mulch and rock coverage have their pros, there are also some cons to be aware of. Note that once you place a rock in your landscaping, you should be certain this is the option for you. Rock mulch is not only difficult to move out of an area but it also prevents annual plants and flowers from thriving. This is mainly due to the fact that rock absorbs heat and makes the ground that it rests on substantially warmer. This is why research on your landscaping options is important.

Cons of Using Mulch

Standard mulch also comes with its own banes. Not only can this type of mulch attract insects, but it:

  • Is flammable
  • Can be washed away by rain
  • Needs to be replaced every few years

Yepez Maintenance Service Meets and Exceeds Your Landscaping Expectations

If you need advice on your flower bed maintenance and keeping your landscaping thriving, turn to the experts of Yepez Maintenance Service. We have the experience and skillset to ensure that your landscaping is always at its best, year-round. Exceeding your expectations is our business, so contact us today to find out about our scheduling options.