From your lawn to your flower beds, the way that your yard looks should matter to you. Anything that can damage the visual appeal of your lawn should be pointed out and removed immediately. While most people think that lawn care stops at mowing the grass and picking weeds, one of the biggest lawn care maintenance issues is dealing with the Texas insects that destroy the health and beauty of your yard.

Like all living organisms, insects love to eat. Unfortunately, their main source of nutrition is your lawn and beautiful flowers. Insects can damage your plant’s roots as well as become the source of various yard diseases that make you start your lawn journey from scratch. During the summer months, we recommend keeping an eye out for these 4 Texas insects that could ruin your yard.

1. Fire Ants

Your lawn itself is the number one target for this insect. Although they do not directly damage your turf or grass their presence is absolutely unsightly. You’ll know when you have a fire ant infestation by the tiny mounds that begin to pop up around your lawn. You may think that even though they aren’t doing damage to your lawn, they don’t need to be bothered with it. However, these insects are aggressive and enjoy causing powerful stings to visitors of your yard.

2. Grubs

Grubs essentially look like chubbier, smaller worms. In reality, they are the larva of the June bug. These insects are attracted to particular grass types and damage the roots of your lawn. This makes water absorption difficult and creates brown patches where your lawn should be thriving. Be on the lookout for Grubs if you have grass types that include:

  • Buffalo,
  • Bermuda,
  • St. Augustine,
  • Zoysia.

3. Snails Are Texas Insects to be Reckoned With

Although snails and slugs seem innocent based on their fleshy, legless bodies and slow movement, yard lovers need to beware. If you notice these insects hanging around your yard or garden, talk with your lawn care professional to get these pests taken care of. If given the chance, these bugs can quickly devious the leaves, flowers, and stems of your plants and seedlings.

4. Beetles

Yes, in general, beetles can be beneficial to your lawn. They eat other insects that can cause damage to your lawn. However, the flea beetle and cucumber beetles can prove deadly to your vegetables. These beetles produce larvae that rely on your plant’s roots for nutrients. One specific way to tell that you have a beetle problem in your yard is the ‘shotgun’ pattern that shows up on your plants after these insects have fed. Your local lawn maintenance professional will be able to help you create trellises or devise other methods to keep these particular pests away.

Yepez Maintenance Service Keeps These Texas Insects and More Away

Pests are a burden on your lawn and the effort to keep them away is tiring. Don’t spend your summer months struggling to keep your lawn insect-free.

Contact Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services today to ensure that your lawn is taken care of properly.