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When spring comes, several different types of plants begin to pop up in our yards. From the flowers that we have planned out, to the more uninvited guests like weeds and insects, your lawn becomes an ecosystem of life during the warmer months of the year. For Dallas homeowners, insect control seems like something you can do on your own.

When it comes to lawn insect control, most people think to automatically bust out the insect-killing chemicals. However, these can be dangerous to your lawn, pets, and young children. Trying to find an organic way to manage weed and insect control for your lawn can be cumbersome. That’s where Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services comes in. With the help of our lawn care professionals, you can be on your way to enjoying your lawn, pest-free in no time.

home insect controlWhat Makes Pesticides So Dangerous?

Using the wrong pesticides as insect control can pose a dangerous situation to your lawn and family. This is especially dangerous if you are the one distributing the pesticides. According to recent physician reports, pesticide chemicals can remain in the body for weeks after exposure. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to diseases like Parkinson’s.

Currently, there isn’t a scientific standard that says how long you need to stay off of your lawn after pesticides are distributed. We recommend a minimum avoidance period of 24-48 hours.

An insect control specialist will be able to select the right herbicides and insecticides that will keep your lawn insect-free while keeping you safe. Also, they will be able to distribute these home insect control needs in the proper, safe way.

Mow Your Lawn the Right Way During Spring

We take the holistic approach with lawn care and only use pesticides as a last resort. Integrated pest management is an excellent approach to take when insects start to pop up on and around your lawn.

One suggestion that we have is to ask your lawn mowing service provider to mow your lawn higher than normal. This generally shades out weeds and prevents them from sprouting up at the source.

Plant Pest-Repellent Plants

One excellent way to naturally repel insects from your lawn doesn’t even require toxic chemicals. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly method of insect control, plant the right plants to keep the bugs away.

Some of the Best Plants for Natural Garden Insect Control Include:


These are good for repelling beetles and aphids.


Not only does this flower smell amazing, but it also wards off flies and mosquitoes


Not only does mint keep away biting insects, but it’s also useful for a refreshing cool mint tea on a warm day.


This is a plant that works extra hard to keep your yard secure. Not only does this smell ward off garden insects, but it attracts cats that can help naturally get rid of four-legged friends that may want to hang out in your yard without your permission.

Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services Helps You Enjoy Your Lawn Safely

If you have noticed any unwanted weeds or insects hanging around your yard, it is the perfect season to get them out safely. Get in touch with Yepez Lawn Maintenance Services in order to meet all of your lawn care needs. Our experts focus on making your lawn and yard look the best that it can year-round, and that is why we are one of Dallas’ most trusted landscaping services.