First time homeowner landscaping tips

Being a first-time homeowner is an exciting adventure. It’s a chance to make your new home reflect your identity through unique colors, furniture, and especially landscaping.

However excited you may be to create the curb appeal of your dreams, we’re here to help you pump the brakes and take a look at the big picture before you get started. Here are some quick first-timer landscaping tips to follow before you dive headfirst into your flower bed.

Have a Basic Landscape Plan in Mind

In short, don’t just plant trees and flowers for beauty’s sake! Have a plan for the ambiance of your landscape and ask yourself some of these important questions.

  • What are your plans for your yard?
  • Do you plan on entertaining?
  • Is this a place for you to relax after a long day at the office?
  • Do you plan on installing water fixtures?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to easily define what your landscape should look like as you head out to the stores to shop for your shrubbery, decorations and patio furniture.

Decide if Trees or Shrubs Need to Be Removed

Some homeowners may not want to start off with a blank canvas and opt to keep the trees and shrubs that are already in their yard. While this is a point of preference, this is a decision that’s best made if you know the condition of these plants. No one wants a dead tree in their yard taking up space.

If you notice these symptoms of a dying tree, it’s time to remove the problem and start with a clean slate:

  • Peeling bark
  • The trunk is cracked
  • Mushrooms surround the tree’s base
  • Multiple dead branches

Remember to Stick to Your Budget

So you’ve just bought your new home and are ready to garden away. We suggest not overlooking the budget for your florals. If you know how much you can and want to spend, you can easily avoid the first-time gardening mistake of failed plants due to ignored finances and cut corners.

You also don’t want to overpay on your landscaping and find yourself in even more debt. If you have any questions about the best plants for your land, or how to maintain a landscape affordably, your local lawn care provider will be available to help you answer the most important questions about your new yard.

Hire a Professional Landscaper for Installation

Even though you may want to make your landscaping an entire DIY session, unless you already have the experience, this could be an expensive mistake. If you are installing sod, irrigation, or annuals, a landscaping contractor can help you get the job done in a quick and efficient manner.

You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, and a landscaping expert can help you make the right first steps into your gardening foray.

Ask About Maintenance from Yepez Maintenance Service

Once your landscaping is complete, in order to keep it pristine, it will require regular maintenance. Most homeowners live on-the-go lives and don’t really have the free time to spend on hours of landscaping work.

Yepez Maintenance Service is a Dallas-based landscaping company that can help you take care of all of your landscaping needs. Our services range from standard lawn mowing to hedge and tree trimming, and more. We’re ready to make your first-time yard look timeless. Get in touch with us today to put your address in our schedule.