Texas Lawn Care In The Fall

You might think that autumn is the time to wind down your lawn care routine; a time to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the summer’s hard work. That is only partly true.  In order to have a beautiful landscape to enjoy in the spring, there are several things that need to be done in the fall, and certain landscaping mistakes you want to avoid in autumn.

Letting Your Leaves Pile Up

The display of color we get from trees in the fall months are indeed beautiful, but, as those leaves fall, you do not want to let them pile up. Leaves left to rot on your lawn can suffocate your grass, promote mold and a lawn fungal infection. Plus, wet leaves are a fall risk on sidewalks and driveways. It is important to rake those leaves.

Using a Spring or Summer Fertilizer On Your Lawn

Your lawn and plant growth may slow down during the autumn months, but they still need upkeep like cutting and fertilizing. Do not make the landscaping mistake of using a spring or summer fertilizer on your fall lawn and landscaping. Your local nursery, home improvement store or lawn service can steer you toward the proper fertilizer for fall. Since granular fertilizer takes longer to dissolve into the ground, a liquid fall fertilizer is a better application during the autumn months.

Putting Off Aeration

Do not postpone aerating until spring. Fall is the time to aerate. Why? Because this allows the lawn all of autumn and spring to recover from the aeration and when you apply your crabgrass pre-emergent in the spring, your lawn will be healthier, keeping out that nasty crabgrass. This also allows good germination of any grass seed that is spread during the fall.

You Stop Regularly Watering Your Lawn

This fall do not make the landscaping mistake of turning the sprinklers off too soon. Water is still very important to your landscape during the autumn months. Shrubs, hedges, and fruit trees all need water during the cooler autumn days. If they dehydrate during the fall and winter months, they may not revive in the spring.

Leaving Dead Annuals to Rot

It isn’t a good idea to leave your summer annuals in the ground all fall and winter. Most will brown and shrivel after the first frost; some will begin withering with the cooler nights. Others may last until late fall, depending on the plant and where you live. If allowed to stay in the ground, these withered annuals could promote fungus and mold into your spring garden. Cleanup applies to your vegetable garden as well. Get those dead plants out and tidy up those planting areas.

Treat Your Lawn Well All Year with Yepez Lawn Service

Lawn and landscape mistakes are easy to make in the fall. Many people think that everything is going dormant anyway, but dormant doesn’t mean dead. Lawns and landscaping need care year long. It is a good idea to use fall for landscape planning instead of making fall landscaping lapses. Work with the professionals of Yepez Lawn Service to guarantee that your landscape will bloom in the spring. Contact us today to learn more about our services.