Landscaping Design that Decreases or Increases Your Property's Value

Landscaping is one of the biggest qualities of a home that buyers keep in mind when determining an appropriate price for a home. However, there is a wide range of landscaping features that can both increase and decrease your property’s value.

Remember, tasteful landscaping is purely subjective. So, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind when planning your landscaping, knowing that you’ll be selling your home in the future.

What Landscaping Elements Improve Property Value?

Your property value determines the ROI your home brings to you in a sale. Here are some of the top landscaping elements to involve when trying to use your landscaping as a means to increase your sales price.

A Well-Kept Lawn

A well-maintained lawn not only creates visual appeal to buyers but also gives a welcoming air of comfort and enjoyment to your property. Keeping your lawn looking fresh before your home goes on the market also has the potential to increase your property value by at least $1,000.


While most things left on your property will generally decline in value, planting trees on your landscape does the exact opposite. Mature trees are a great way to boost property value, so planning ahead and planting trees on your property years before selling is a great way to add a substantial amount to your sales price when the time to sell arises.

Clean Flower Beds

If you have flower beds, make sure to clean them up and make them look great before prospective buyers visit your home. A well-manicured flower bed indicates excellent soil and property with a manageable landscape.

What Tarnishes Your Property Value?

Unfortunately, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So, while you may believe that some features of your lawn are appealing, prospective buyers could quickly turn away from these three landscaping qualities.

Water Features

That man-made pond or fountain you’ve inserted into your landscaping may be visually appealing to you. Many new homeowners may view large water features as something that adds to the maintenance of the property.

Not only could a water feature reduce your property value by thousands of dollars, but you’d likely have to pay for a total feature and plumbing removal.

Damaged Walls/Fences

Privacy is something that every homeowner values. So, if your property is plagued with a damaged wall or fence, potential buyers will view this as an expensive replacement that they shouldn’t have to pay for. Once again, this is a common landscaping issue that not only brings property value down but costs the current owners extra repairs.

Large Concrete Patios

Although you may view your large concrete patio as a useful quality of your landscaping, potential buyers can easily see this feature as a detriment to their own plans.

Removing large concrete patios is no easy feat, and most potential buyers with dreams of ample gardening space will skip your property and look for a yard that wouldn’t require a major demolition job to access the soil of their yard.

Increase Your Property Value With Yepez Maintenance Service

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