Landscaping Tips for Your Brick Home

Landscaping & Design Tips for Brick Ranch Style Homes

One of the many popular residential home designs in Texas is the brick ranch-style home. This type of design harkens back to the homes of yesteryear and provides quite an interesting canvas for landscaping design. Although it may at times seem difficult to design a yard around brick materials, with the right landscaping professionals and the right ideas it is definitely possible.

Consider the Coloring of Your Brick

When deciding on landscaping ideas, the first place to start is the actual color of your brick. Take the time to examine the exterior of your home and find out what the dominant color is. From tones of weathered pink to firehouse red, the right landscaping professional can help you figure out what seasonal plants will increase your curb appeal.

Contrast the Colors of Your Plants in the Front Yard

Keep in mind that many colors will fade into the “redness” of your brick exterior. The main colors that will make a vibrant splash in front of your brick home are:
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Bright Pink
  • Cool Orange
Remember, the color palette you choose should match the season and in order to keep your yard looking great, the palate should change periodically. If, in the end, you decide that the recommended plants don’t fit in with your grand design, there is always the option of painting your bricks to match your vision.

Utilize Window Boxes

One of the main design issues with brick homes is that they really come off extremely solid and plain without the right amount of color involved in the landscaping. Rather than planting flowers directly along the edge of your home, you could invest in window boxes. By placing window boxes alongside the windows of your home, not only will you break up the vanilla look of your home, but you can choose some illustrious plants to plant in them. With proper care, colorful flowers and plants like cyclamens will spill over the edges and create a beautiful look that sticks out.

Invest in Landscaping Rocks

Even though our primary focus has been on the plants involved in your landscaping, rocks can also play a role in livening up a brick exterior. The beauty of using landscaping rocks is that they can create a colorful, unique look to your home without any real effort. The difficult aspect of using landscaping rocks is that they must complement the tones of your home while also allowing the bricks to be the main focus of the eye. Some colors that many people use with landscaping rocks and brick homes are:
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Gray

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