Landscape Friendly Holiday

Your landscape probably experiences a lot of activity during the year with kids, pets, friends, or family events occurring on it every week during the summer and the months when outdoor activities are common.

Unfortunately, the holiday season that begins in the fall can wreak havoc on the health and welfare of your lawn, just like all the summer activities that came before it. Heavy decorative items and features like lighted figurines can mean added damage to your lawn beyond what might occur normally.

Here are a few ways to make sure your lawn maintenance isn’t ruined this season when you begin decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays.

Keep Your Landscape Safe With Lightweight Lawn Ornaments

It shouldn’t be a surprise that large, heavy lawn ornaments will destroy your lawn. Although a heavy ornament that’s up for a day might not cause any lasting problems, you probably won’t put your ornaments up for just a single day.

One of the best ways to reduce the harm to your lawn is to choose ornaments that are on stilts. Although it’s usually best to avoid shoving anything into your lawn, small wire legs that act as stands for an ornament can help you decorate with large, fun ornaments without risking damage to your lawn.

Utilize a Laser Projector

One of the coolest features of modern holiday decorations is the arrival of the laser projector. Now available for just about every holiday imaginable, these projectors are the ideal option for creating amazing holiday visuals around your yard with virtually zero negative impact on your lawn.

Plus, these machines may help reduce the fire hazards inherent with some types of lawn decorations. Strands of lights and illuminated displays can catch on fire, particularly when they’re old. A simple and easy-to-operate laser projector is your best ally in reducing the dangers of old, electrified holiday decorations.

Use Ornaments That Don’t Touch the Lawn

You may use your beautiful, freshly mowed lawn as a place to gather with your family, but you can maintain its beauty by walking on it less frequently during the fall and winter months. Employing holiday decorations that don’t require that you walk around on the lawn can help, too.

Some options for holiday decorations that don’t touch the lawn include:

  • Flags printed with holiday images (witches for Halloween, pumpkins for Thanksgiving, or reindeer for Christmas)
  • Doormats with holiday images that you can place at all the exterior doors of your home that may also be reused each year
  • Holiday plants and living decor on the porch like pumpkins for Halloween, chrysanthemums for Thanksgiving, and poinsettias in December

Sure, you can always employ a massively huge, inflatable ghost for Halloween, but you might also kill the lawn and create a giant brown circle when the holiday is over.

Avoid Heavy Ornaments on Tree Branches

Ornaments hanging from trees can look wonderfully spooky for Halloween when you cover a tree in ghosts or spiders, but the ornaments can actually damage the tree if you use decorations that are too heavy for too long.

You can actually make some awesome homemade ornaments that weigh almost nothing when you decorate for Halloween with paper or plastic ghosts that require nothing but a small string to hang.

Let Your Landscape Enjoy the Holidays With Yepez Maintenance Service

Keeping your lawn in good condition in the autumn and winter is hard enough without having tons of ornaments killing the grass and creating fire hazards. Decorate smartly this Halloween, and you’ll help your lawn live through the harshest months of the year. However, if you do need help with lawn care, let the experts of Yepez Maintenance Service lend a hand. Contact us today to find out about how we serve lawns in your area!