Erosion Control in Your Landscaping

Soil erosion is a landscaping problem that every homeowner should strive to avoid. Even though this is mainly a problem that impacts farmlands and structures on hillsides, it is still a problem that can negatively affect your home. 

Find out why soil erosion is such a big landscaping pain, what signs to look out for, and how residential landscaping services can help resolve your issue.

How Does Soil Erosion Affect Me?

Erosion occurs when wind and water move and detach the soil on a landscape. While this may not seem like a big deal to a residential owner in the suburbs, soil erosion actually can have some substantial negative effects on the land.

Some major household issues that stem from soil erosion include:

  • Foundation damage
  • Plumbing issues due to clogged drains
  • Ruined gardening efforts

Signs of Soil Erosion

The issue with soil erosion is that it usually isn’t detected until the damage has already been done. Don’t become another victim surprised by the landscaping damage of erosion. Make sure you educate yourself on the signs before it’s too late.

There are some obvious signs of erosion that any landscaping expert can point out to you. Some of the signs of dislodged soil include:

  • Exposed tree roots
  • Rainwater running down your driveway from your lawn
  • Building walls specked with soil
  • Areas of exposed soil on the landscape where grass should be

Natural Solutions

Even though there is the industrial solution of retaining walls that can be implemented to prevent erosion, we prefer to take a natural approach to your solution. If you or your lawn care professional notice signs of erosion, it may be time to discuss implementing some of these environmentally-friendly measures.

Stabilize Slopes With Plants

Slopes on a property are prime areas for erosion to take place. Take some time to study the natural plants of your area. Once you know what will grow well, no matter what, have a landscaping expert plant terraced rows along the slope. 

Not only will this cover up any exposed soil, but it will also slow down running water, reducing the risk of further erosion damage.

Use a Natural Hardscape

If you’re dealing with erosion on commercial property, hardscaping is something you can’t avoid. However, when it comes to replacing your hardscape, instead of concrete walls that will give your landscape a cold, harsh look, try a more natural solution for a retaining wall. 

We suggest stones, gravel, and bricks set in sand to give your landscape a welcoming look that also promotes erosion control. 

Landscape to Slow Water Down

If your erosion is too far gone, you can always build your landscape around your problem. Any water that travels through your land should stick around long enough to be absorbed. Make sure this happens with some strategic placement of stones, larger bushes, and deep-rooted plants. 

Our suggestion is to ask your lawn care professional what steps need to be taken to form an effective rain garden in the area.

Solve Your Soil Problem with Yepez Maintenance Service

Soil erosion can be a problem for your landscaping, but it’s a problem that Yepez Maintenance Service can solve. If you are having issues with your soil and landscape, we want to help. Get in touch with us today to schedule your residential or commercial landscaping services.