Man Using Blower During Fall & Winter Landscaping

Decorating and preparing for the holidays can be fun. Over the last couple of decades, holiday decorating supplies have gotten bigger and more extravagant. Items that were once only found in drive-thru displays are now seen on front lawns in residential neighborhoods. Lawns that were once dull due to the season, are now showplaces. Since everyone will be looking, how do we prepare our lawns for the holidays?

Fall can deposit a lot of debris on our lawn. And since nothing is growing, it is an opportune time to do some landscape winterizing. Remove dead foliage, clean out annuals and gardens. Flower boxes, gardening beds, and beneath shrubbery can be littered with dead or dying plants. Pull out those plants that will not return in the spring and trim back those perennials that will come back. Thin out and share those plants with bulbs like pampas grass, elephant ears, tulips, etc.

Get Rid of Dead Leaves

It’s time to rake the leaves or use a mulching mower. Leaves left on the lawn can foster fungus and mildew. They also are a slip hazard for visitors to your home. They can be deposited in compost, bagged, and discarded per your local regulations, or mulched up with a mower. This may need to be done several times throughout the fall.

Put Down Fall Fertilizer

This is a perfect time to fertilize. Fertilizer put down in the fall will keep your lawn greener for a bit longer and it will green up earlier in the spring. Most residential lawn care companies offer fertilization services and will apply the correct fertilizers for each season. This makes it easier on the homeowner and frees you up for holiday shopping.

Aerate and Mulch

Aeration is another key to a healthy lawn. It allows air, water, and nutrients to reach down into the root system. This is great for high traffic lawns and for those lawns that will have holiday décor sitting on it.

Get that mulch down. To maintain your vegetable and flower beds, insulate them by applying a fresh layer of mulch. This will help the beds to bud in the spring. Fresh mulch will choke out any weeds left in the fall.

Adjust Your Lawn Mower Blades

In late fall, drop your mower down and cut your lawn 1-2” shorter than the growing season. When your grass stops growing in early winter, the final mow should be the shortest of the year.

Keep Decorations Off of the Lawn

If your home is one that hosts holiday parties, you might want to consider decorating your sidewalks and walkways. Lining a walkway with candy canes strung with lights will guide your guests on the walk to your front door, avoiding foot traffic on the lawn. The lawn is more susceptible to matting and damage when heavily traveled, especially if it is wet with rain or snow.

Celebrate the Beauty of the Holidays With Yepez Maintenance Service

These quick little projects will make the difference when your lawn becomes the stage for your holiday decorations. It also will have an influence in the spring when your lawn starts to green up and bloom. The holidays are a special time with family and friends.

If you would rather be spending time with loved ones than completing these outdoor projects, reach out to Yepez Maintenance Service to take care of your Dallas residential lawn care needs. Our mowing, landscape maintenance, and trimming is always done with quality and affordability in mind. Trust us when we say your curb appeal will be worth celebrating.