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Recently, Texans experienced a cold front that left our sense of normalcy in shambles. As snow and ice covered the ground, many lawns began to face the consequences of extensive exposure to ice and snow.

Here’s a closer look at what freezing weather can do to your lawn and how to repair any damages.

Snow Mold

If your lawn rests beneath the snow for a prolonged period of time, it could develop snow mold during a slower thaw. Without recognizing the presence of grey or pink crust on your lawn, your grass can succumb to disease and die off in large patches. The unfortunate fact about snow mold is that the damage of this lawn fungus doesn’t usually manifest until spring.

Fortunately, if you catch the fungus in time, you can dethatch and aerate your lawn to mitigate further damage. These practices create air circulation throughout your lawn and help encourage new growth where the snow mold was present.

In order to get a head start on the dethatching process this spring, reach out to your local lawn care professional to schedule specialized lawn mowing services that cut your lawn lower than normal.

This allows for the aeration process to truly excel and give your grass the nutrients it needs to heal.

Winter Desiccation

Even during colder weather your grass still releases oxygen into the environment. Usually, the nutrients your lawn needs are naturally replenished from the healthy soil it rests in. 

However, if the ground on your property is frozen solid, your grass will continue to expel without rehydration and eventually die out. 

Crown Hydration

Crown hydration is something that many Texans face when unpredictable weather arises. Remember, water expands when it freezes. So, when your lawn absorbs water during warm weather, only to face a sudden freeze, it can expand and ultimately kill the grass’ crown.

What If My Lawn Dies?

Unfortunately, issues like crown hydration and desiccation are unavoidable, and if they do occur on your lawn, you’ll have to look into major reparations. Once spring approaches and your ground is ready to be molded, take some time to re sod the areas of your lawn that have died out, giving your lawn a fresh, green look.

However, if you’ve suffered a larger loss of grass, you may need to talk to a landscaping expert about a complete reseed. We can help you properly prep the area, select grass that thrives in your local climate and give you tips on how to help your new seeds flourish.

Put Your Trust in the Lawn Care Experts at Yepez Maintenance Service

If your lawn is sporting bald spots or other signs of frost damage, it’s time to reach out to the professionals. The lawn care experts at Yepez Maintenance Service can quickly bring the green back into your landscaping.

Save time and money with the guarantee of a beautiful lawn by spring. Contact us today to schedule our residential lawn services for your property.