It’s a simple fact that gardens and creative landscaping are timeless, pleasing additions to any home or space. They improve your home’s aesthetics and provide relaxation and enjoyment. 

2023 will usher in a revived love of the traditional garden, with new and old trends being revived. If you enjoy landscape design and garden maintenance and live in the Dallas area, here are some of the top garden trends to look out for in 2023.

Relaxation Gardens

Who couldn’t use a plate for relaxation without ever leaving home? One of the biggest trends in 2023 will be the relaxation garden. These gardens typically feature a great deal of greenery, a color that exudes serenity and, if space allows, a walkway or fountain to unwind after a long day.

They include foliage and grasses that catch the breezes and larger plants that create shade in the summer. One of the trends in a relaxation garden is to create a multi-texture space, often with a theme such as a tropical vibe or one absolutely bursting with blooms. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’ve gone on a mini-vacation in a lush, tropical paradise without leaving their own backyard?

Victorian Gardens

Another big landscaping trend in 2023 will be the return of the Victorian Garden. These gardens typically feature privacy hedges offset by traditional blooms like hydrangeas, lilac, and variations of roses. The New Victorian Garden usually features walking paths if the space is available and statement pieces like vintage benches, bird baths, and even a fountain as a focal point. While they do require a good deal of bed and bush maintenance, the timeless aesthetic of a Victorian Garden is well worth it!

Urban Micro-Gardens

No matter where you live in 2023, gardens will be trending. Enter the urban micro-garden.

These gardens are created in small spaces like pocket back porches and often have multi-level plants, flowers, and herbs such as pepper plants. Garden and landscape experts know that just because you live in a big city doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your space with a lovely micro-garden.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens will be making a big return in 2023. They set themselves apart by a wealth of various blooms set closely together, often with various color schemes in different areas. Blooms in a garden are often dainty and pleasing to the eye. The goal of a cottage garden is to create what looks like a gorgeous sea of blooms offset by a great bit of greenery.

Cottage gardens often incorporate flowers that can be cut and brought indoors. They are often whimsical in nature and incorporate unique accent pieces that reflect the owner’s taste and style. Many also feature vintage elements that can be used as containers for additional plants.

Vertical Gardens

With real estate prices skyrocketing, moving to a space with a larger yard for gardening may be simply out of the question. Vertical gardens make the most out of smaller spaces and provide a lovely aesthetic while requiring minimal bed and bush maintenance.

Vertical gardens often incorporate flowers draped in vintage or rustic pieces like a transformed palette or iron bedframe, allowing them to drape nicely downward and intermix. Many vertical gardens weave in blooms with herbs or plants.

Pro-Water Gardens

With the continual increase in droughts and wildfires, 2023 will usher in water-wise gardens. The goal of these is to promote water conservation by utilizing plants that have low needs for water. These plants bloom with bold colors while not raising water bills, as they can typically thrive with very little water. Some examples of water-friendly flowers are various types of Myrtle and the lovely Rocker Jr. Red Hot Poker.

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