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Your weekly or bi-weekly scheduled mowing will be detailed on your service request. If for any reason you must change your scheduled visit for any of our services, you will be contacted to reschedule for the following day.
Our lawn technicians will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule. However, our routes greatly depend on your location. Please contact an associate regarding any service rescheduling.
If you have an automatic sprinkler system your lawn should be watered three times a week for 10-20 minutes at a time. If you have rotating sprinklers or other methods of watering, you should water three times a week for 20-30 minutes each time, or consult one of our technicians regarding proper watering times and techniques.
If your mowing day is also your watering day, we ask that you water in the early morning so that your lawn cut is evenly and to its highest quality. We will attempt to schedule all services around watering to the best of our ability.
For the safety of your animals, please make sure that all pets are securely put away.
We will landscape your lawn to your specific personal preferences. However, typically during the spring season, grass should be cut to a height of 2 ¾ inches to 3 inches, in order to keep the grass short during the rainy season. During summer months grass should be cut to a height of 3 inches, allowing the turf to shade and cool the roots of the plant. Towards the end of the mowing season, we suggest grass to be cut shorter to deter any damage to your roots during the winter season.
Landscaping is primarily based on personal preference. Our creative technicians will work closely with you to learn and nurture these preferences. We understand that landscaping should be designed to complement your home and your artistic preferences.
Aerating your lawn is extremely important to the health and livelihood of your lawn. Aeration allows for more efficient watering & fertilizing. It also enhances root growth, enriches surface soil, breaks up thatch layer and decreases water run-off. We recommend aerating your yard at least once a year. Please contact a sales professional for an estimate
We assure all our clients that your property is protected by a comprehensive liability insurance policy. In the event of any property damage, such a sprinkler head, Yepez will repair or replace before your next scheduled watering or servicing.
“Power raking” reduces thatch. Thatch is the accumulation of dead or decomposing grass material. Small amounts of thatch can strengthen your lawn and preserve moisture. However, excessive thatch reduces the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering, and pest controls; and also provides a habitat for disease and insects. Power raking will also help restore the turf following harsh winters. We suggest that your yard be power raked at least once a year
We attempt to service most parts of the Dallas area, including but not limited to: Dallas / North Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Plano, Carrollton, Farmer’s Branch, and Richardson. Please contact us for inquiries on servicing in your area.