Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean it’s time to set aside the gardening tools. Your landscaping requires year-round maintenance because it should always look its best. As the hot days become a little shorter, keep these tips in mind when getting your lawn and flower beds ready for the fall and winter seasons.

Keep Your Moisture Level High

Although the heat of the summer may have dried out your lawn and plants, please remember to keep your plants hydrated. As long as you’ve been keeping up a watering schedule throughout the summer, this dryness will only be temporary for your lawn and perennial flowers. It’s recommended that your plants get at least one inch of water per week in order to soak in the nutrients necessary to thrive after summer has passed.

Deadhead Your Annual Flowers

By now some of your annual flowers and plants don’t look as beautiful as they did when summer started. When it comes to flowers like pansies and petunias (annual florals), they aren’t meant to last all year. Take the end of the summer to deadhead your annuals and reap the benefits of:

  • Curb appeal
  • Potential future developments if the plants have pollinated

Look Out For Dead Limbs

Texas is notorious for its summer thunderstorms. Although they are usually relatively harmless, if you have older trees and shrubs, a heavy storm could weaken their limbs. Ask your lawn care professional to inspect your property’s trees and shrubs for dead or low-hanging limbs.

If dead limbs are discovered, ensure that they are removed immediately. These limbs aren’t just an eyesore, but they pose a threat to your home and family if they are left alone and unexpectedly fall.

Take Care of Pet and Kid Damaged Lawns

This summer has been a relatively long one for most families with school-aged children. While most of us were hunkered down at home, kids took advantage of reconnecting in the backyard for fun.

Although playtime is great for your kids and pets, it can really cause some damage to your lawn. From high foot traffic to, knocked over plants and freshly dug holes, there is plenty that can go wrong in your yard this summer.

Spend the last few weeks of the season replanting containers, mowing properly, patching up your lawn, and planning to reseed with your lawn care expert when the time is right.

Send Off Summer Right With Yepez Lawn Maintenance

If you want to enjoy your summer and let a professional take care of your landscaping, we get it! The team at Yepez Lawn Maintenance is prepared to help you keep your lawn looking fresh all year long. We have the equipment and experience that creates the curb appeal your property deserves. Contact us today to schedule residential maintenance with one of our Dallas lawn care experts.