Lawn Care Resolutions You Can Keep in 2020

The New Year is here and resolutions are running high amongst North Texas homeowners. While your weight and finances are great areas to make goals, think about how your lawn could benefit from some heartfelt resolutions.

Although most resolutions are made and forgotten within weeks, promises to your lawn are simple to keep and can even be carried out by a lawn care professional.

Here are five resolutions you can stay confident about in the New Year.

Plan Out Your Lawn’s Look

Lawn care doesn’t just end at basic maintenance. Curb appeal is also very important. Make the new year about creating the landscape that you want to see.

The designers at Yepez Maintenance Services can help you make the right landscape and flower bed choices that will make your home the envy of the block. Beauty starts with a plan, and we can help you make the most of your yard’s natural layout through our scientific and artistic approach to landscaping.

Water Responsibly

You may think that drenching your lawn on a regular basis is good for your grass, but the fact is, overwatering your grass can lead to problems like:

The appropriate time length for watering your lawn depends on the season. In Texas, during a hot summer, we recommend watering for two hours a day every 2-3 days.

Conversely, in the winter, your lawn should only be getting about five hours of total watering every 3 weeks!

Mow Your Lawn at a Proper Length

Leaving your lawn to grow too high, or crippling its health with a close buzz is never a good way to head into the peak spring season. Make one of your resolutions to give your lawn the gift of efficient and healthy mowing services.

Lawn care experts suggest that the best height for your grass is around 2 ½ inches and that each mowing session should only take off about ⅓ from the top. The benefits of consistent and precise lawn mowing include:

  • Natural curb appeal
  • Grass that grows consistently
  • Natural pest control
  • Less weeds

Trust Yepez Maintenance Services to Handle Your Lawn Care in 2020

At Yepez Maintenance Services, we want to help you create the yard of your dreams. Our residential and commercial landscaping services have made a difference in the visual appeal of several properties around the Dallas area. 

We are ready to serve you in 2020. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with our lawn care experts.