Landscaping around office building

As a commercial property owner, you should ensure that your landscaping is neat, attractive, and reflects your business. Unfortunately, many business owners are preoccupied with other matters regarding their company, which results in an unkempt appearance of their business office location.

Are you a victim of these most common mistakes with commercial landscaping? Let’s find out.

No Solid Starting Point

Perhaps you purchased commercial property that was already landscaped.  You may have simply added a few shrubs or flowers upon occupation of your business location and then focused on other matters. It’s important to have a strong foundation to build up when it comes to commercial landscaping.  The attractiveness of your building’s exterior promotes your marketing efforts, and suggests the quality of services inside are top notch.  Lay out the basics for your commercial landscaping with a professional lawn care company to select seasonally-curated flowers, water feature installations, seating furniture and stonework to refine your building’s walkway.

Inexperienced Commercial Landscaping Companies

In order to keep landscaping costs at a minimum, commercial property owners may settle for a less expensive, inexperienced landscaping company to maintain their grounds.  Obviously as a lawn care company, this makes us cringe!  Fact is, you want your office building to look as polished and successful as the businesses who occupy the same.

Invest in your curb appeal as much as you would invest into your business and clients. After all, your landscaping is a reflection of the pride in your business.

Cutting the Grass Too Short

Many property owners make the mistake of having grass cut too short as a way to cut corners.  They think the shorter grass gets cut, the less often it will need to be mowed.  Not true. Scalping grass down to its cuticles adds stress on the turf.  Blades of grass are essentially leaves. So, when you cut them too short, it limits the amount of sunlight and air the blades of grass are exposed to.

With less air and sun, grass growth stalls. Further, short grass exposes soil to invasive weed species and potential grass disease.  You’ll wind up with brown and tan patches across the fields that surround your building if you cut the grass too short.

Not Considering Location of Landscaping

Professionals use very specific tools to plan out a landscape design. Professional landscapers account for plants, borders and other decorative items to compliment and frame the commercial space.  The design is intended to offer a functional yet welcoming access path to your building. Commercial landscapers know which plants thrive with the seasons in Dallas to keep the office building looking sensational year-round.

Drainage and Irrigation Miscalculations

There are two very important factors to consider when it comes to moisture around your property. Your landscaping needs to account for proper drainage so that water runs away from the property.  If ignored, your property is susceptible to still water pooling at the foundation or in the landscaping, washing everything away after a few rainfalls.

You should also be able to adequately irrigate all of your plants. Why invest into a great landscape design, only to have it shrivel up and die because it wasn’t properly irrigated.

Make sure there are water spigots close enough to hook up a hose or sprinkler. If not, consider having a professional sprinkler system installed. This will eliminate time needed for manual water maintenance.

Pristine Commercial Landscaping with Yepez Maintenance Services

Due to the sizeable responsibility of maintaining commercial landscaping, it is best to hire a professional Dallas lawn service. This will eliminate the need for you to address yard maintenance and concentrate your efforts on increasing revenue and keeping clients happy.

Contact Yepez Maintenance Service for more information about lawn care and landscaping pricing for your commercial property.  Our lawn care experts will ensure that your property looks professional and reflects your dedication to business.