Should You Trim Your Hedges in the Winter?

Shrubs and hedges can be some of the most visually appealing parts of a property’s landscaping. However, homeowners should make a landscaping plan to get their shrubs trimmed professionally at least once a year because overgrowth is easy and could create an eyesore on your property.

Let’s examine some of the biggest benefits behind trimming shrubs and why it’s essential to do so during the late winter and early spring.

Why Trim Your Shrubs Near the End of Winter?

Winter is a season where shrub and tree growth tends to grow dormant. Pruning off old, dead, and obstructive areas of your plant during the winter can help pave the way for a more fruitful spring blooming season (more on that later).

Benefits of Trimming Shrubs

From general plant health to potential financial gain, there are several reasons for residential properties to schedule pruning services from a professional landscaping service.

Trimming Promotes New Growth

Over time, even the healthiest plants can become diseased and lead to dead limbs. Regular shrub and tree trimming literally cuts off disease in hedges and trees and helps preserve the health of your plants.

Aside from being healthier, trimming gives your plant room to grow and flourish during the spring.

Shrub Trimming Is a Great Safety Measure

Overgrown hedges and trees can become a real safety hazard if they start to grow where they shouldn’t. Trimming your hedges regularly can help prevent issues like their branches and leaves blocking the view of traffic, or shrubs growing so high that they pose a massive safety hazard during a storm.

Increased Curb Appeal

Your hedges are one of the first things that visitors and passersby will notice about your home. If you don’t leave your hedges maintained, they’ll grow wild and unsightly; essentially ruining your curb appeal.

Investing in regular hedge trimming is not only beneficial for your curb appeal but is also helpful for your home’s value if you decide to put it on the market. Remember, the quality of your landscaping’s maintenance can boost or plummet your property value in the eyes of realtors and potential owners.

Trimming Helps You Promote Your Privacy

Every homeowner relishes maintaining their privacy. While it may seem smart to just let your hedges grow tall, the truth is that they may do so at the expense of losing density throughout their bodies.

Trimming your hedges at least a couple of times a year prevents plants from growing upward and outward and promotes inward growth that fills in any hedge gaps that are interfering with your desire for maximum privacy.

Keep Your Shrubs Trimmed Proper With Yepez Maintenance Service

If you know that it’s time to get your shrubs or trees trimmed, make sure to reach out to the experts for help. The residential lawn care professionals of Yepez Maintenance Service have years of experience improving the health and curb appeal of landscaping across the greater Dallas area.

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