Tall Trees at Office Entrance

We all enjoy an afternoon in the park or a walk in the woods. Trees seem to have a relaxing and calming effect on us.

As much as we appreciate trees, they’re largely an afterthought until we buy a home in a new development with no mature trees. Then, you begin to notice how much you appreciate the shade and wildlife that comes with them.

Trees are essential to our environment and our health. If you’re ready to give your landscape a new look, check out the top 7 benefits of adding trees to your exterior revamp.

Trees are Beautiful

Simply put, trees are marvels to look at and improve your curb appeal. Some trees bloom with delicate blossoms that appeal to our senses of sight and smell. They offer beauty in all seasons with leaves, flowers, fruit, and sometimes snow gracing their limbs.

As they grow, trees become almost majestic, like kings of your unique landscape.

Trees Provide Essential Shade

Trees provide cooling shade for your lawn and can also be a safe haven for animals and birds. Their branches create an umbrella of protection from the scorching Texas sun. Not only can they keep your yard shaded and cool, but when planted on the south side of a home, trees can actually keep your home cooler.

Trees Shelter your Home

Trees serve as windbreakers. During the dust bowls of the 1930s, the federal government planted millions of trees to stop the blowing of soil.

Farmers still use trees to stop the wind and protect their crops and property. Properly planted and maintained trees will shelter your home during winds and rain, maintaining the integrity of your home’s paint and siding.

Tree canopies reduce the impact of rain and hail on soil while the roots shore up the soil to prevent runoff or blowing.

Trees are Excellent for the Environment

While dust, dirt, and pollution are in our air, trees act as natural air purifiers. They absorb carbon dioxide and release pure oxygen. One adult tree releases enough pure oxygen in a day for 4 adults. So, planting trees on your property literally connects you with Mother Nature.

Property Value Increases

Depending on the property, your property value could increase up to 20% when planting trees. A commercial property or residence outlined with trees will have curb appeal and value that attracts more house hunters than a bare or minimally landscaped property.

Trees Shape Landscape Architecture

Trees can be an architectural element of a landscape plan. They can anchor a large garden space, form boundaries, serve as a focal point, create privacy, or line a road as a welcome.

They can even provide noise reduction when planted in groups.

Trees Add Enjoyment to Outdoor Landscape

Lastly, trees link us to nature and allow us to enjoy the outdoors.

Spreading out a picnic under a mature tree, camping in the forest, using rope and tire swings, enjoying hammocks, and climbing trees are all sweet memories from childhood that we often take into adulthood to share with the children in our lives.

Adding trees to your landscape allows you to pass on great memories and traditions for generations to come.

Add Value to Your Landscaping With Yepez Maintenance Service

Trees provide social and emotional value and are essential to the environment. They make our world a better place, and it is the ultimate benefit to include trees in your landscape plan.

When picking the right tree or your property, determine the function of the tree, the site it will be planted in, and the space it will take as it matures. Be sure your tree is suitable to your climate and type of soil.

A commercial landscaper, like Yepez Maintenance Service, can help you choose the right trees for your property. Reach out to us today to start your landscape plan now with a free quote.