Tips for properly planting trees and shrubs

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start thinking about the beautification of your curb appeal. What better way to spruce up your landscaping than with some new trees and shrubs? Before you break the soil, check out these five tree and shrub mistakes that new gardeners often make!

1. Failing to Check Your Tree’s Height

The idea of having a Doerner Fir or a Weeping Willow in your yard may sound like a great idea. But have you truly considered how tall the trees you plant will grow? Keep in mind, the taller the tree, the more maintenance is required and the more money you will have to sink into keeping your trees from growing out of control.

2. Planting Hedges for Curb Appeal

You might think a solid green hedge looks nice around your yard, but we say that there is so much more you could be doing with that space. Having a green hedge is not only time consuming as far as maintaining it goes, but it is also just plain boring. Use your space wisely to boost curb appeal by planting a raised flower bed with seasonal plants that thrive in Texas year-round.

3. Accidently Planting an Invasive Species

Some shrubs and trees like bamboo can quickly grow out of hand on a property. by doing so, they are also eating up all of the necessary nutrients that other plants in your yard need. Not only does this starve your plants, but it also increases the risk of fires and the composition of the soil on your property.

4. Placing Decorative Rocks Under Your Trees

One of the biggest landscaping trends sweeping the state is also one that is hampering the growth of your trees. Your landscaping professional can easily explain that placing large rocks can kill your trees by suffocating the roots.

If you really want to decorate around your tree, use a colorful mulch or plant a shade-thriving shrub nearby.

5. Planting Too Close to Your House

Trees and shrubs have roots that run deep. By planting trees on your own without the guidance of a landscaping professional, you could easily plant your greenery too close to the home. This can result in damage to your plumbing and even the need to replace your foundation in the years to come.

Get Your Trees and Shrubs Planted the Right Way with Yepez Maintenance Service!

Trees and shrubs can be the key to an eye-catching yard, but they can also be what hinders a homeowner’s gardening efforts. Make sure your landscaping isn’t a futile cause and hire a Dallas landscaping professional to get the job done right. Contact Yepez Maintenance Service today to find out more about our availability in your area.