Mosquitoes in grass

Summer is finally here and it’s time for your hard work on your landscape to shine. You’ve watered, fertilized, and mowed your best all year! However, your labor of love could easily be all for naught if you allow these six summer threats to stress your lawn into an eyesore.

Here’s a look at six common lawn threats that regularly pop up during a hot, Texas summer.

Chinch Bug

These pests are visitors that you don’t want to invite over for a summer cookout. These small insects are about ⅙ of an inch long and can do massive damage to your landscape over the summer. Not only will these grey and black pests chew up your lawn, but they will also do an irreversible number on your trees and beautiful shrubs.


Grubs are hidden enemies to your grass and landscape’s plants. These larvae live underground and feed on the roots of your plants as well as the surrounding soil. Over a summer, Grubs can easily decimate entire chunks of your lawn.

Our lawn experts can easily see the signs of a grub infestation and can help you rid your lawn of these pests for good this summer.


Although Mosquitoes don’t directly impact your lawn, they can easily ruin your ability to enjoy your greenery this summer. Mosquitoes are common in Texas, and present more than just an inconvenience. They are known to easily transmit diseases that pose a serious risk to a person’s health.

Children’s Foot Traffic

School is out and the kids are home. While the summertime means hours of outdoor activity for them, it also means months of unnecessary stress on your lawn. While it’s not always possible to quarantine specific areas of your lawn away from playing tennis shoes, remember, you can always have a lawn expert aerate and revive your lawn once the summer season has passed.

Improper Lawn Mowing Techniques

Summer is a hot season in Texas and even your lawn needs a little shade from the sun. So, our tips for a great summer mowing plan include:

  • Mowing less frequently
  • Keeping your blade length at 3-4 inches

Not only do these tips give your grass the shade it needs but they also help decrease the speed of which moisture evaporation occurs.

Lawn Fungal Infections

If you fail to catch a fungal infection in time, your lawn could be doomed. The scariest part about lawn fungus is that it can spread easily as spores that go airborne or spread through mowing equipment. Lawn care experts can easily help rid your lawn of an infection as long as you notify them about the symptoms in time. Some of the signs that your lawn is suffering through a fungal infection are:

  • Patches of discolored grass
  • Large brown or white patches throughout the lawn
  • Gray, black or pink powdery coatings on grass blades

Treat Your Lawn Professionally With Yepez Maintenance Service

If you want to enjoy the summer with your family and not have to worry about your lawn maintenance, Yepez Maintenance Service is here to help! We have been making Dallas lawns the neighborhood envy since 1984 and are ready to keep your residential landscape healthy this summer. Contact us today to learn more about our services in your area.