5 summer lawn care tips

Texas summers can be grueling for both you and your lawn. It is important to keep your lawn cool and refreshed while the temperature is up. Here are some of the best lawn care tips that you can work on this summer, as you strive to keep your lawn healthy in the heat.

1. Strategize Your Trees

When it’s hot out, and your grass starts to turn brown, you may only be thinking about the short-term health of your lawn. We recommend that you make a long-term plan for optimal lawn health. Now is the perfect time to start strategizing a new look for your yard with the implementation of some new trees.

Trees naturally cool the air temperature around them and careful planning can bring your yard a nice, shaded area that keeps the lawn from drying out and your flower beds looking colorful. You could even enjoy the coolness of your new grove by adding a hammock to relax in when the temperature gets too hot.

2. Think About Vines for Your Landscaping Plans

Your local landscaper will be able to help you plan out strategic ways to make your yard look great while keeping your house cool. Although this is a suggestion that relies solely on preference, adding vines to your plant collection is a great way to add some extra coolness to your property. Vines grow quickly and can be a very decorative instrument that shields windows from the sun and produces lush curb appeal.

3. Consider the Temperature of Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation is not only holding your property together, but it can also be useful for keeping your yard feeling cool and healthy. If you keep the exterior of your foundation damp, you are creating a cooler temperature on and under the ground surrounding your home.

A Dallas lawn care expert will be able to help you install any water features like sprinklers that can help keep your foundation cool without the worry of wasting water.

4. Remove Weeds

backyard weed removalAnother way to keep your lawn feeling fresh is to have professional weed removal performed on your yard. During the summer, your lawn is going to need every ounce of water that it can get to maintain its beauty. By removing weeds from your yard, you are essentially removing moisture competition that could lead to drying out your luscious landscaping.

5. Mow Your Lawn Properly

Finally, lawn mowing is the most important aspect of a healthy, cool, lawn. Avoid cutting your lawn too short and exposing it to the full element of the sun. Leaving your lawn around 3 inches high is a great way to provide that extra amount of shade required for a thriving look.

Yepez Maintenance Service Keeps Your Landscaping Pristine in the Summer

If you are having a hard time keeping your lawn and flower bed healthy this summer, look to a professional before the weather really begins to heat up. At Yepez Maintenance Service, we are committed to providing the bet lawn care services in the Metroplex. Contact us today to find out more about our services and receive a free quote.