Pet Friendly Landscaping

Your four-legged friends may be a member of your family. You want them to enjoy their time in your yard that they consider their kingdom. While you may want to think otherwise, not all landscaping is pet-friendly and measures need to be taken to keep your yard and fur-babies safe. Here are five tips that you can follow in 2019 that will keep your landscaping in top shape for your pups and kittens.

1. Consider Toys That Keep Your Landscaping Safe

Yes, you want your pets to play safely in your yard, but toys that keep your yard safe are also desired. Get your dog plenty of toys for the backyard that will distract them from your lush garden. We know you want to play fetch, so consider lightweight toys like tennis or NERF balls that won’t be damaging to your plants if a throw goes awry.

2. Fence Your Garden In

Puppies can be the most curious creatures on the planet, and sometimes your coveted plants may find themselves in the crossfire. Avoid crushing your Chrysanthemums by creating a fence around your plants.

Luckily, modern bed fencing can not only serve their purpose but serve it in style. Create a fence that keeps your friends out and allows your plants to flourish this spring.

3. Mulching? We Have The Best Suggestion

Mulch has the issue of creating sharp edges that can hurt the paw of your pets. We know that mulch is essential to your garden’s health so here are some options to test out on your beds:

  • Using stones vs. mulch
  • Using cedar mulch, which doesn’t create the sharp edges that make your pets yip.

4. Use Turf That Holds Up to Your Pup

Over-time, your pets use of the lawn for a lavatory can create unsightly brown or yellow splotches on your turf. If you see an abundance of these areas on your lawn, it may be time for an upgrade that stands up to your pup’s bladder.

Reach out to your local lawn care provider and find out what type of grass is best for pet owners. There are brands out there, and we will be able to help you pick the best choice for your situation.

5. Research Toxic Plants

Did you know that there are over 400 plants that are deemed harmful and deadly to dogs and cats? Take the time this year to do your research and remove or avoid planting plants that could be deemed toxic to your pet. Some plants to start with include:

  • Daffodils
  • Aloe
  • Yew family plants

Trust us, both you and your pet will be happy with the beautiful choice of plants in Texas that are safe for your yard.

Trust Yepez to Create Pet-Friendly Landscaping!

The landscaping professionals of Yepez Lawn Service understand that the relationship between your yard and your pets is important for success on either side. Allow us to help you with your 2019 landscaping by creating a yard that you, your pets, and any passerby can appreciate. Reach out to us today to find out more about our lawn care services in your area.