4 Fall Landscaping Tips for Thanksgiving

Halloween may be on its way out the door, but Dallas homeowners need to keep in mind that this only marks the beginning of the fall season. After the skeletons, cobwebs and phony spiders have been put away, it is time to prepare your lawn and landscaping for the annual Thanksgiving crowd. Unlike the trick or treaters, these guests are your family, and impressing your family is vital during the holiday season. Here are four tips from your local Dallas landscaping company to help create some much-needed curb appeal in preparation for the family gatherings.

1.  Get Rid of Dying or Dead Foliage

Keep in mind that fall is usually the time of year where plants are dormant and aren’t necessarily ready to grow. This means that you should pull out your gardening tools and clear out your garden in preparation for the winter season ahead. This is a great time to take inventory of your garden and remove the dead annual plants, as well as cut back your dying grasses or other shrubs.

Think of fall as the best time of year to think about starting over for your landscaping. Everyone loves a clean slate and your lawn is no different.

2.  Mulch Your Landscaping

Mulching in the fall is the best thing that you can do for your gardens. By spreading a few inches of mulch around your trees, bushes, and in your flower beds, you can guarantee that their roots will be well-hydrated and protected come the chilling, Texas winter.

3.  Pay Attention to the Exterior of Your Home

Even though we are focusing on your landscaping here, your home is also part of the curb appeal. Make sure you take the time to clear out your gutters, check your shingles for roof damage, and power-wash your window and brick walls. Giving the exterior of your home a little TLC is always a great step to take before the holiday festivities.

4.  Be Aware of Your Delicate Shrubs

Even though winter is coming, you may want to keep some of your shrubs around and alive until spring. After all, you don’t want a yard full of anything but dead plants when the relatives arrive.

Remember, the cold, ice and snow can do a number on your more expensive shrub selections. Therefore, take care of them by covering them up with pots during winter storms. You can also take some extra safety precautions by spreading shredded leaves around these shrubs. This will not only protect them but will also give your home that Thanksgiving fall feeling that you are going for.

Yepez Lawn Service Helps Your Family Prepare for the Thanksgiving Rush

Planning for Thanksgiving can be a stressful experience if you are hosting the annual gathering. During the coming weeks, your landscaping and curb appeal will not be the first thing on your mind. Let the professionals at Yepez Lawn Service do the lawn care work for you. Contact us today to find out about our residential landscaping services in your area.