Septic System Landscaping

3 Do's and 3 Don'ts for Septic System Landscaping Projects

Your septic system keeps your home healthy, and your landscaping keeps your home looking beautiful. With 2019 now here, many Dallas homeowners are looking to re-design their home landscaping. This is always a great idea, but if you plan on working around or near your septic tank or initial system, here are some do’s and don’ts you should be following.

Septic System Landscaping Do’s:

  1. Plant Specific Plants
  2. Mark Your Access Hatch
  3. Be Mindful of Planting Distance

1. Be Mindful of Your Plants

During the design phase of your landscaping, the types of plants that you decide to plant are important if you are looking to plant near your septic tank. Plants spread roots in order to search out water. Make sure to plant foliage that doesn’t require much water to survive. These could be your average flowers and ground cover.

2. Mark the Location of Your Access Hatch

Knowing where the access hatch of your septic system is, is important. In case something happens to your system or if your septic tank needs to be pumped. At least you would know where your hatch is so that your entire yard doesn’t have to be uprooted for repairs. We recommend putting a potted plant over your hatch so that you can easily find and remove it when the time comes.

3. Plant Your Plants Close Together

By planting your plants in close proximity of each other, you help prevent weeds from forming in the area. Much like other plants, weeds have roots that actively seek out water and can destroy your septic system over time.

Septic System Landscaping Don’ts

  1. Avoid Planting Trees and Shrubs
  2. Don't Install a Pond
  3. Allow Foot Traffic on Your Landscaping

1. Don’t Grow Trees and Shrubs

Shrubs and trees should be the top of your list of don’ts. As far as nutrient-necessary roots go, these plants are the biggest culprits. If you do want trees and shrubs in your landscaping, get with a landscaping professional who can help you plant these additions a safe distance away from your active system.

2. Avoid Installing Ponds

Ponds and other water systems should not be created near your septic tank or system. The intricacies of these landscaping ornaments can easily interfere with the drainage system on your property and lead to some serious septic system repairs.

3. Don’t Normalize Foot Traffic in the Area

The last thing you want to do is create landscaping that encourages high foot traffic over your septic system this even includes your pets foot traffic. With high foot traffic, the soil is compacted and begins to damage the intricate workings of your septic system.

Yepez Lawn Service Helps Keep Your Septic System Safe and Landscaping Beautiful

Don’t compromise landscaping beauty because of where your septic system is located. Get in touch with the Yepez Lawn Service team for a landscaping experience that takes everything into account. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the yard of your dreams in 2019.