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Tree Trimming Service, Lawn Care, RichardsonKnown for being the telecom corridor with its high number of telecommunications companies, Richardson, TX is home to more than 5,000 business operations. The city is home to The University of Texas at Dallas as well. With its many businesses and over 120 thousand residents, Yepez Maintenance Service is proud to provide professional lawn services in Richardson. We offer everything you need to maintain a pristine property all year-round.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Service in Richardson

Yepez Maintenance Service offers 3 Richardson lawn service plans, and can match your property’s needs with the perfect plan for you. Our Basic Service plan includes professional lawn mowing, landscape edging, and clean-up, which will be performed every week throughout active growing season, along with bi-weekly service between November and March. Premium and Fertilization Service plan members take pleasure in added services like flower bed weeding, hedge cutting, tree services, and seasonal fertilizer applications. We supply specialized lawn service such as aeration, winter lawn care, and sodding as well.

Expert Irrigation and Sprinkler Services

With over 25 years of experience serving the community of Richardson, the professionals at Yepez Maintenance Service are geared up to perform any watering service your property requirs. From optimizing your existing system with prompt repair services and replacements to installing brand-new totally automated irrigation systems for your home or business. We understand how important water conservation is in the Lone Star State, and we’re dedicated to providing irrigation services that are still capable to properly water your lawn and garden without inefficient draining overflow or wasting of water.

Richardson Landscape Design

Your garden provides you the chance to boost the exterior appeal of your home or office building, and at Yepez Maintenance Service, our landscape designers are right here to assist you in creating the look that you wish to attain for your property. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor setting with decorative potting plants and stones or with permanent features like fountains or ponds, we provide high-quality lawn products and services to develop the perfect atmosphere. From major clean-up jobs like tree trimming to planting seasonal flowers and shrubs that keep your garden vibrant throughout the year, you can depend on Yepez Maintenance Service to fulfill all of your landscaping design needs.