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The Lake Highlands District to the north of White Rock Lake is an upscale community in Dallas where people work hard to maintain a high standard of living. When it comes to keeping landscapes looking lush and beautiful, savvy home and business owners in Lake Highlands rely on the expert lawn maintenance and landscaping services offered by Yepez Maintenance Service. With more than 25 years of experience serving hundreds of clients in the North Dallas area, we’re proud to be the residential and commercial Lake Highlands landscaping company of choice.

Lawn Maintenance Services in Lake Highlands

A well-tended turf not only showcases your high standards but can actually increase the value of your property by as much as 20 percent. With proper care, your lawn can look trim, fresh and green even under the blazing sun of a Texas summer. Yepez lawn service professionals perform all of the maintenance tasks it takes to keep the grass strong, thick and thriving, from mowing and lawn edging to fertilizing, irrigation and pest control. We’ll work with you to develop a lawn service plan that meets your unique lawn maintenance needs so that your turf looks beautifully manicured in every season.

Residential and Commercial Landscape Design

Your landscape says a lot about your personal style and taste, and Yepez Maintenance Service can ensure that you’re sending the right message with our custom landscape design services. Whether you’re looking for a way to increase foot traffic to your retail establishment or for an artful planting design to set off your home-sweet-home, our experts can provide you with a customized solution. We handle all aspects of garden design and implementation, including irrigation systems, soil amendments and plant selection. Our goal is to bring your vision of the ideal garden setting to life while making sure that your Lake Highlands landscaping looks great year round.

Lake Highlands Tree Service and Care

Whether round, wide-spreading or arching, each genus of tree has its own characteristic growth pattern and shape. Factors like precipitation, wind and temperatures, however, can affect the tree’s development and cause stumped or errant growth that detracts from the natural form of the tree. Yepez Maintenance Service seasonal pruning and trimming tree service in Lake Highlands is designed to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and attractive. You can count on the expertise of our arborists to keep the growth of fast-growing trees in check while encouraging hard-to-grow specimens to flourish and thrive season after season.

At Yepez Maintenance Service, our four-season landscaping services include everything from planting spring flowers and watering lawns in summer to removing autumn leaves and winterizing tender plants. We use the best lawn and garden equipment available, employ proven horticultural practices and hire only the most qualified professionals to do the job. We make it our mission and are dedicated to ensure that your investment in your home or business in Lake Highlands pays you dividends for many years to come. Like all of our lawn maintenance and lawn care Lake Highlands’ customers, trust Yepez Maintenance Service for all of your commercial and residential landscaping needs.