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Lawn Mowing, Weed Control, Highland ParkLocated just a few miles to the north of Downtown Dallas, Highland Park is known for both its beautiful residential neighborhoods and its appealing array of retail shopping establishments. Home and business owners in the community understand that attractive landscaping plays an important role in maintaining their high standard of living. Yepez Maintenance Service is proud to offer the quality lawn maintenance and landscaping services that you need in Highland Park to keep your property looking great in every season.

Highland Park Lawn Services

Yepez Maintenance Service offers a full range of lawn services, including weekly mowing, weeding, and lawn edging tasks as well as premium services like hedge trimming, leaf disposal, and fertilizer applications. Our professionals are experts at cutting grass with precision to the height that’s optimal for healthy growth. We understand how important a well-manicured lawn is to the appearance of your property in Highland Park, and we’re pleased to provide the lawn maintenance services you need to keep your lawn looking lush and green.

Custom Landscaping in Highland Park

Whether it’s removing a tree stump, trimming overgrown hedges, or eradicating pests from a much-loved rose garden, established gardens in Highland Park often require more than just routine maintenance. That’s why it’s so critical to choose a landscaping company that can provide services tailored to your individual needs. The Yepez Maintenance Service experts can handle every task related to your garden, from irrigation system installations to fall clean-up chores. We can even keep your flower beds stocked with seasonal annuals and perennials that ensure your garden is always in bloom.

Landscape Design Solutions

With more than 25 years of experience serving the Highland Park community, Yepez Maintenance Service is well-equipped to meet every landscape design challenge, from hardscape additions like ponds and fountains to installations of fully automated drip irrigations systems. Whether you need seasonal tree service to keep fast-growing trees in check or a complete redesign of your landscape, you can count on the pros at Yepez Maintenance Service to meet and exceed your expectations. We’re the company that discerning home and business owners in Highland Park turn to help them bring their vision of the ideal garden to life.