Signs That It Is Time to Cut Down Your Tree

Having a large tree in your hard is something that many homeowners look for in a home. After all, they provide ample shade and can make your yard look warm and inviting.

On the contrary, though a badly damaged tree can be costly and are usually downright ugly. So, when your tree is no longer flourishing, it is best to just let it go.

Do you need some help determining when it’s time to have a professional lawn service company come in and take care of your tree?

Here are some easy ways to know.

If Your Tree Has…

A Side that is Noticeably Dead

If you have a tree in your yard that has dead leaves or dead branches on one side, chances are there’s an issue. These issues could range from common tree problems like root or trunk damage or even weather-related damage like being struck by lightning. Sure, you can have the tree trimmed to get rid of the damaged side, however, it will be very unsightly.  In these circumstances, it might be in your best interest to get rid of the tree altogether.

Trunk Damage

Trunk damage is something that may not be as obvious to a person who is not well-versed in botany. However, if you notice that your tree is no longer growing, it is a good idea to check the tree’s trunk. Look for cracks and seams that run vertically, dead stubs or large and unusual wounds. All of these are tell-tale signs that your tree may have trunk damage and internal decay. If the damage is more than 25 percent of the circumference of your tree, there is a huge possibility it will not heal and should be removed.

A Fungus

Fungus is usually bad and something no one wants to deal with regardless if it is indoors or outdoors. So, when you see fungi around the tree in your yard, understand that it is not good. In fact, a fungus around your tree is usually directly related to internal rot or root rot. Root rot is a nasty disease that affects the internal composition of your tree and is irreversible thus leaving you with a tree that should be removed.

Power Lines Around It

Power lines and trees just don’t agree. If you have a tree that is near power lines, it is best that you keep them around 25’ in height and thinned out near the top. Failure to do so can result in several issues like property damage, harm to an individual or permanent damage to your tree. If the tree in your yard is nearing power lines, have a professional tree trimmer either trim it or cut it down completely for you and your family’s safety.


While trees can survive for years with a hollowed trunk, eventually they will become dangerous. Tree trunks that have succumbed to a hollow trunk are usually hollowed because the inner tissues of the tree are rotten. Hollowed trees can easily fall when heavy winds or storms come through, sot it a good idea to remove this type of tree ASAP.

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Pre-Fall Yard Maintenance Tips

Summer is almost over and Fall is just around the corner. Therefore, it’s time to start putting your autumn plans in place which should include your lawn.

Fall is the perfect transition from the sunny days of summer to the harsh and cold winter weather that can wreak havoc on our lawns. That is why it is imperative that you prepare and prep during the fall season. This will not only preserve your yard throughout the weather changes but also make it a lot easier to recoup your lawn when springs roll back around.

5 Yard Prep Tasks to Do Now

Prepping your residential lawn right now is a great idea that will save you time and energy in the long run.

Here are simple tasks you can do yourself or hire out to your expert landscaping company to help you maintain your lawn right now.

Trim Branches

Usually, during the Fall and Winter months, there is an influx of rogue tree limbs that can be found around the neighborhood. That is because, during these months, the weather can be windy, rainy or snowy on any given day. To help keep these out-of-place limbs from cluttering up your lawn, start cutting back and trimming up any large branches that may be hanging low or at risk of falling when bad weather comes through.


Aerating your soil is something that many people don’t think to do. However, by doing so, you break up the soil in your lawn and allow nutrients to reach your grass’ roots throughout the winter. This will help your lawn sprout in the future spring months.

Feed the Lawn

Speaking of nutrients, feeding your lawn is also imperative during the fall/winter for it to grow efficiently in the spring/summer. You will want to choose one that is high in phosphorous content.

One More Mow

As summer comes to an end, you will have to mow your lawn a little less until you eventually don’t have to at all. Before you put away your mower or cancel your scheduled lawn mowing service, be sure to give your grass one last mow. This will help you dry out your soil and provide you with a thriving lawn in the spring.

Protect Cold-Sensitive Plants

Do you have plants like ferns, roses or tropical plants that need to be protected from the cold weather? Pre-fall is the perfect time to winterize these plants.

To help keep your plants from freezing, add mulch to the base of each one. You may also want to wrap them in cloth or plastic to create an extra barrier or protection.

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What Could Be Ruining Your Yard

As a homeowner, you understand that having the worst lawn on the block is not good. When your yard is damaged, it can be quite hard and downright intimidating to nurse it back to health.

You can easily spend hours upon hours doing the research on how you are possibly ruining your lawn. From your soil’s pH balance to the right fertilizer, there is no shortage of tips and tricks on the Internet that can help with your lawn and landscaping maintenance. However, sometimes just looking at your grass can tell you what is actually ruining it.

5 Items That Me Killing Your Lawn


The Problem: While dandelions can be fun for kids to play with, they are actually a sign that your lawn has a lot of foot traffic and could you soil is low in calcium.

The Solution: To prevent dandelion from popping up in your lawn, you will need to de-thatch and aerate your lawn annually.

How it Works: Thatch is a common part of your lawn, however too thick of a thatch can prevent your grass from getting the nutrients it needs to grow. With dethatching, you will need to pull a convex rake through your grass. With aerating, you will use an aerating tool that has spikes on the end. This works to release your soil that may be compact and thus not getting nutrients it needs. This should ideally be done in the spring or summer while detaching should be done in fall or winter.


The Problem: Crabgrass may look like something that is normal, however, it is not. Crabgrass is actually a tell-tale sign that your grass was cut too short.

The Solution: The obvious solution is to raise up your mower blades. Another great tip is to use pre-emergent herbicide.

How it Works: Since crabgrass competes with your grass when it is cut too low, using pre-emergent herbicide will help because it releases a key enzyme that prevents new crabgrass from germinating.

Yellow Lawn

The Problem: Not only is yellow grass an eyesore, it is also a sign that your lawn is actually iron deficient.

The Solution: If you have yellow spots in your yard, try watering it less and putting out sulfur.

How It Works: Watering your grass too much can not only drown your roots but can also result in a lack of oxygen to the grass roots. With sulfur, it works to lock in the key nutrients your grass and soil needs to flourish.

Brown Lawn

The Problem: Brown grass is a surefire way to get an award for the “Ugliest Yard on the Block”. It is also a way to tell that your yard may have a fungus that prospers in heat and humidity.

The Solution: Watering your grass early in the morning and avoid using fertilizer if possible.

How It Works: Watering your lawn in the heat of the day only provides fungi a warm habitat to grow. It also can cause your grass to burn which too can result in brown grass or brown spots.

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