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Farmers Branch Lawn Care Service

For its 27 award-winning parks, the Dallas inner-ring suburb of Farmers Branch has reason to be proud of its nickname “The City in a Park.” Whether it’s a stretch of green lawn in front of the headquarters of a large corporation or a small residential garden, green spaces around homes and businesses in the city are valued as well. With our reputation for quality landscaping and outstanding customer service, Yepez Maintenance Service is the company to call for all of your Farmers Branch lawn maintenance, tree service and landscaping needs year-round.

Farmers Branch Lawn Services and Plans

Few landscaping features in Farmers Branch make a bigger impact than a well-manicured lawn. At home, an expanse of lush green lawn welcomes guests into your home and provides an inviting surface for everything from pick-up baseball games to impromptu picnics. For your business, a well-groomed patch of turf enhances the customer experience for your valued clients. With our ongoing lawn service plans, Yepez Maintenance Service performs all the lawn maintenance and improvements needed to keep lawns looking their best, from mowing, lawn edging and watering to aeration, fertilization and pest control.

Seasonal Tree Service in Farmers Branch

Just as your lawn needs regular care to keep it thriving, the trees in your landscape benefit from professional attention as well. Removing weak, unproductive or excess growth not only helps trees and shrubs look their best but helps protect them from disease and decay too. As a full-service landscaping company, Yepez Maintenance Service offers a complete range of tree services, including pruning, trimming, planting and tree stump removal. Whether you want to add shade for an outdoor living area or open up the canopy to let in more sunlight for flower beds and vegetable gardens, our arborists can ensure that your trees enhance your landscape in Farmers Branch.

Picture-Perfect Landscapes

When it comes to your home in Farmers Branch, Yepez Maintenance Service professional landscape design services offer you the opportunity to create the garden of your dreams. We offer a full array of irrigation solutions, from sprinkler systems to bubbling fountains and crystal clear ponds. We can improve the soil to provide the aeration and nutrients that plants need to thrive, and can add finishing touches like borders, boulders and urns to personalize the space. Our landscape crews can even decorate your landscape for specific holidays and business promotions. We can handle every aspect of landscape design and maintenance for you, saving you valuable time and money.

The City of Farmers Branch prides itself on the extensive maintenance and landscaping of its many scenic parks, and with help from Yepez Maintenance Service, you can be just as proud of the landscape around your home or business too. Our talented designers can help you create a garden that reflects your distinct taste and aesthetic sense, and our experienced landscaping crews can provide the maintenance services you need to keep it looking its best in every season of the year. Contact your Farmers Branch lawn care and maintenance specialists at Yepez Maintenance Service today.