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Dallas Lawn Care Service

Landscaping, Tree Trimming, DallasAn artfully designed and well-maintained garden in Dallas offers you more than just a picturesque backdrop for your home or business. A beautiful landscape elevates your outdoor living spaces, lifts your spirits, and gives a significant boost to your property’s market value too. Yepez Maintenance Service is dedicated to ensuring that residential and commercial gardens always look their best with an array of expert landscaping services. For more than 25 years, we’ve made it our business to keep gardens throughout Dallas lush, green, and healthy.

Lawn Maintenance Services

A well-kept landscape in Dallas begins with a crisply manicured lawn that’s free of weeds, brown patches, and diseases. Regular mowing, weeding, and lawn edging are basic lawn services that should be performed every week during the growing season. Bi-weekly lawn maintenance during the off season and appropriate fertilizer applications are essential to the health of your lawn as well. Yepez Maintenance Service offers Dallas lawn service plans that allow you to enjoy the full benefits of a lush carpet of green without worrying about having to perform these critical chores yourself.

Irrigation System Installations and Repairs

Water-saving irrigation systems are essential in sunny Dallas, and they can add convenience to landscape maintenance for your home or business as well. The Yepez Maintenance Service professionals are familiar with all types of water delivery systems, including drip irrigation systems that offer optimal water control. Our experts are not only knowledgeable about the watering needs of specific plants in your garden but understand how site and soil conditions affect watering requirements as well. We’re equipped to meet every watering need, from a fast repair for a broken sprinkler head to a new system installation.

Landscape Design Services in Dallas

Whether you want to enhance your business with landscaping that invites customers inside or you’d like to turn your backyard into a shady oasis, our landscape designers can provide you with the ideal solution. The Yepez Maintenance Service offers all of the landscaping services you need to transform your landscape in Dallas, including hardscape features like urns, borders, ponds and fountains. When revamping an existing garden, we also provide the tree trimming, hedge pruning, and tree stump removal services that it takes to give your landscaping a fresh new look. For your long-term satisfaction, we ensure that each new plant, tree, or shrub features the proper growth habit for the location so that your Dallas garden will continue to look beautiful for years to come.