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Allen Lawn Care Service

Lawn Mowing, Weed Killer, AllenLocated just 12 miles to the northeast of Dallas, Allen is a city that doesn’t rely on the Big D alone for its fast-growing success. The family-oriented community has made major investments in its schools, parks and businesses to ensure that Allen will continue to thrive for years to come. At Yepez Maintenance Service, we take that same savvy approach when it comes to residential and commercial landscaping and lawn care. We know that an investment in regular yard and lawn maintenance is your best guarantee that your landscaping in Allen will look gorgeous season after season.

Allen Lawn Maintenance Service Plans

Keeping a lawn in Allen lush and healthy may not be rocket science, but it requires a significant amount of know-how and a fair bit of muscle to get the job done properly. The experts at Yepez Maintenance Service understand which type of grass is best for your location and how to plant it, water, mow and fertilize it. Enrolling in one of our lawn service plans ensures that your turf gets the regular mowing, edging, irrigation, fertilization and pest control that it needs to thrive day in and day out. We take care of lawn maintenance chores for you, so you can focus on raising your family and growing your business.

Custom Landscaping Service in Allen

A well-designed residential garden will complement the architectural style of your Allen home as well as your personal lifestyle. Professional landscape design services from Yepez Maintenance Service let you transform a generic garden into an extraordinary space that enhances your quality of life. Whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look or the atmosphere of an Old World garden, you can trust our talented designers to help you realize your goals. From installing irrigation systems like sprinklers, fountains and pools to adding decorative accents like flower pots, urns and boulders, you can count on Yepez Maintenance Service to bring your ideal landscape to life.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Landscape trees offer you shade on a hot summer day, add visual interest to your garden and help protect your property from damage on stormy and windy days. Yepez tree service includes pruning and trimming tasks that keep trees growing strong and healthy. We can also help you select trees to make sure that their growth habits are suitable for specific locations. We offer tree and stump removal services as well. Whether you need ongoing care for your trees and shrubs or spring and fall cleanups, we’re here to meet your tree service needs.

At Yepez Maintenance Service, we’re equipped to handle all of your residential and commercial landscaping needs. Just like the City of Allen, we invest in the best people, the most efficient products and the advanced technologies it takes to sustain long-term success. Allen consistently ranks high on the annual lists of best places to live in America, attracting workers and families from all over the country. Quality landscaping and lawn service helps ensure that your home or business is ready for many years of prosperous growth. Contact Yepez Maintenance Service today for expert Allen lawn care and landscaping services.